Youtube just Slapped content creators and what this means for your business


Youtube Just Slapped Content Creators and What This Means for Your Business

The all mighty Google and Youtube dominate the SEO game. Google comprising 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Youtube is owned by Google and has claimed the number 2 search engine in the whole world. Basically if you want to win in the SEO game you have to play by their rules.


Just the other day, Youtube released a new policy that has stopped monetization on many videos.


This has made the Youtube community extremely angry, disappointed, and a bit bitter. Youtube influencer, Philip Defranco lays out what’s going on eloquently in this video.



Why does any of this matter to your business?

First and most obvious, is the loss of AdSense revenue that you could be receiving through video views. Maybe this isn’t a major factor to your business but any loss of revenue is something to take note of. Small businesses, bloggers, and consultants can still receive hundreds of thousands of views.


These views sometimes are due to Youtube SEO being such a strong factor in search engine marketing. Some Youtube experts have quoted that 85% of Youtube views come from outside the platform and directly through Google search.


Change in Monetization Means a Change in SEO

At first blush, changes in monetization shouldn’t affect SEO. While it isn’t a direct shift in SEO it does change the overall landscape. Youtube’s new policy is being controlled by what looks to be an algorithmic change. If a content creator uses certain keywords in the title or tags their content could be flagged for de-monetization.


Now, normally having the proper keywords in the title and tag are solid tips for Youtube SEO. Ideally, to generate more views to your Youtube video–you as a content creator would create relevant, timely content. You would make sure to add the keywords people are searching in the title and the tags of the video, even if this content is a little more controversial. In most cases for Youtubers, views = dollars. You would do just about anything then to get more views.


Now, the landscape is shifting. Is it still best SEO practice to add the proper keywords? Yes of course it is. But will there be more or less competition on keywords based on these new policies? Absolutely!


You must determine what is the right Youtube strategy for your business. Do you produce content that may be deemed less family friendly in order to generate more overall view? Do you produce family friendly content to keep the ability to monetize your Youtube videos?



Copyright Infringement in Live Streaming.

Another big discussion in the world of Youtube that merits some discussion is the false copyright infringement claims that have been happening especially in the world of live streaming. Content creators in the world of Youtube are being struck with copyright claims left and right especially while performing live streams in the area of video games.


This is obviously is a major deteriorate to content creators who wish to jump into the world of live streaming. Live streaming is extremely effective for generating brand awareness, leads, and sales. If you plan to use Youtube live for your business, pay close attention to the music that might be playing in the background. You could easily get slapped with a copyright infringement.


When the startup Katch first launched, they allowed you to save Periscope and Meerkat videos to youtube. For example, those live streaming content creators would be flagged for copyright infringement if music played in the background.


Personally, I wouldn’t sweat it too much as I am sure Youtube is working out these kinks but this is something to be aware of for those moving forward in Youtube Live.


Would love to know your thoughts, Will Youtube’s new policies affect your business?