WHy people buy you and not your product

Why being the truest version of yourself is so important in business…

Let’s be honest for a moment. People buy you.

They don’t buy your product, your quality or your service. Yes, I know this may be a shocker out there— for everyone that has heard that people buy, quality or service.

Many of you know it—even if it’s in the depths of you, a small thought in the back of your head when you’re in a sales conversation. And let’s face it, as entrepreneurs we do Everything. Capital ‘E’ and all. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve done sales before. In fact, you’ve done everything before from accounting to marketing to taking out the trash.

And it’s all about you. Well, actually, it’s all about your customer. But what they want is to buy from someone just like them—YOU.

Someone that…

Thinks like them,

Feels like them,

Acts like them,

Understands them.

Your customers want to share experiences with you. And that is why they buy—You!

They are looking to express themselves through their choice of people and brands.

Wallace D. Wattles says the Universe is always for expansion. Inner, outer, sideways, backwards and around the globe. You name it. It’s all expanding.

Believe it? I sure do.

Whatever you focus your attention on, you receive more of. Your results show, where your attention goes.

Law of Attraction anyone?

You know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t—head over to Netflix and watch “The Secret” and when you’re done, download a copy of “The Science of Getting Rich” If you need more after that, we can send you to Napoleon Hill.

Either way, everything is expanding. That being said, YOU are expanding and through your life, you are seeking every single way you can to further express yourself.

You do this through…

Your dialogue,

Your culture,

The friends you surround yourself with,

Your home,

The decorations on your wall,

The wind chimes in your doorway,

Your choice of clothing…

And, the brands you use and identify with. Whether Fortune 500 giants or the “Fortune” 5,000,000.

We are all just seeking inner expansion. We are all seeking the feeling of acceptance, being a part of a community and a larger movement. It varies from person to person, but we all look for it. We all desire more of what we have and crave those experiences.

And that’s why you must be the truest version of yourself in business. People WANT YOU! They want to know you and identify with you. They want to express themselves through your business.

They want to share similar experiences!

So—Give it to them! Give them MORE YOU. Stop hiding, and get-on-out-there!

I can hear it now… yea but I don’t know if I’m ready… or I don’t have the time right now… or I have to do this series of other things before I can even think about doing that

The reality is we’re all scared. Scared of rejection, of really putting ourselves out there. We all just long to be accepted, and sometimes it prevents us from being who we really truly are.

But, that’s okay! Because there are thousands if not millions of people who, just like you are moving past that fear to accept a better version of themselves every day. So be fearless.

“Become someone that a weaker version of you, would never recognize.” –Coach -Byron Van Pelt

Accept yourself first, lead by example and allow others to follow. Let them see the inner workings and quirkiness of your personality. Be honest, be transparent, be yourself.

Some people will hate you. Let the haters hate, and leave them be. The best side of the coin is that many will love you.

Not just love you, but RAVE about you! They’ll tell everyone they know about how much they love you and your business. Those are brand loyal followers, what we call—brand evangelists.

How can you be more you? Sounds easy right? Pfffffwhew! Tell that to everyone that’s placed their butt, and their personality on the line.

We’re in a culture where everyone around us wants us to be someone else. That’s a challenge. Alas, I’ve learned that I cannot place myself in molds that other people and cultures create for me. I can only be—me. Love me or hate me, you’ll find me seeking a more fuller expression of myself every day.

I’m betting you’re like me too. You’re here to be more of who you are. So, do it up! Show your inner gears and flair (maybe more or less than 15 pieces of flair if you’re an Office Space fan).The world needs you—and your gift.

Make some noise and strut your stuff!


4 Exercises to Jam Pack More You in Your Business:

#1  Write Your Stories

Keep a small journal or piece of paper out, and throughout the day write down phrases or sayings that you use. Everyone has a unique way of verbally expressing him or herself. Speech patterns, clichés, telling stories. Start writing them down.

This sets the stage for your Brand Voice. Begin to use your speech and your stories in your marketing copy.

#2  Show Off Your Life

Take photos of your workspace, your staff and your favorite daytime excursions. Post them on your social medias throughout the day. Even “selfies.” Your clients want to know that you’re just like them… and chances are they’re taking “selfies” too!

Social media is the place for people to really experience who you are and to rally behind you. Show it all! Well… within reason!

#3  Share Your Vision

Spend some time writing about your vision. Think about it. What will life look like for you in three years in an ideal place where everything you’ve dreamed of is coming true? How about 10 years? Begin to share that vision with your clients and audience.

#4  Build a Manifesto

This is your rallying call to find your potential clients and audience. Why are you on this earth? What do you believe in? What is that vision of what you think life should be? Write it down, make a page on your website and plug it in. Tell your audience about it.

“A true friendship develops on the basis of human affection, not money or power.” –the 14th Dali Lama

Get on out there, and make some friends today.