Native: being in a place or environment in which something was born.

What marks native content and how does that effect your marketing? every marketer I meet intellectually understand what native content is. They intellectually get that they should make it but they don’t do it. Why? Because it is hard. It’s hard to understand the subtle nuances between a great photo on Pinterest or Instagram. The difference between a native video ad vs a non native ad.

Over the past few weeks I have been testing two major advertising tools. Pinterest advertising and Facebook video ads. Both of which can be extremely profitable.

What I have determined seems like a no brainier.

Native content sells, Non native content cost a S*** Ton of money and doesn’t convert.


Pinterest is a unique new advertising system. A visual search engine of people wanting to buy. A perfect market for testing two low dollar introductory offers.

The Instagrams Lovers Guide to Hashtags

A 60+ page ebook with all the top hashtags to use. Preorganized by photo style, and a strategy on how to use the right mixture of hashtags.

A bonus text swipe file, so you can copy and paste right into Instagram.

Over 200+ photos organized for inspiration of top Instagram influencers to know what type of content to post.

The Inner Entrepreneur Bootcamp: How to Win the Inner Game of Business

2+ hour audiobook. Covering 7 different areas to master to be a successful balanced entrepreneur.

Told through my life events and those around you.

Both of these offers have converted at a consistent 20%.

The Instagram ad (B) appears to be more native than the personal development one. (A)

The results…..

First we tested A vs B. Same niche targeting, same budget, same everything. Just seeing if the Instagram lovers guide which looks more in line with Pinterest audience, would perform better. It did, to no one’s surprise.

Then we tested if upping our bid would generate us more clicks and exposure. To no ones surprise it did, by a nice bump (B vs B+)

According to @ecspinelli the Instagram pin wasn’t really native to the Pinterest audience. We determined using Pinterest to drive traffic to a blog article makes more sense than a strait sales page (C).

The results blew me away. In a matter of 1 day, we had more repins and clicks on that image than a week of testing B+. The results have steamrolled in too!

Pinterest has become our number 2 source of traffic to our website The cost is extremely low and we are generating earned traffic through repins. Pinterest is a clear win on the advertising blog content front.


I have used Facebook video as a means of generating massive exposure for brands. As low as 2–3 cents a view. We ran two different opt in’s as offers for our test.

The first is for a tool called the belief wheel.

and a video to an Instagram webinar hosted by Emelina.

Both ad’s had similar results, but what we found by accident completely shocked me. In the belief wheel ad, I verbally said where to go to get the tool

After looking at my email marketing software I had an additional 20 opt ins!!!!

The native call to action in the video absolutely blew me away.

So we switched over both ads to have native call to actions in the videos and the results have been awesome so far.

I think the secret is also giving the value up front, because people know exactly what they are going to get.

That is what I have been up to today… well that and periscope summit yesterday. I will go more in detail about periscope summit another day, just need to decompress.