There has been a lot of talk lately for the need of hustle as an entrepreneur. I will be honest, I support the touting of hard work. many people don’t understand what it takes to be successful, and many people spend more time wishing than doing. We praise the people who work 18+ hours a day 7 days a week, and I think this is stupid. There is one word that best describes this mentality. That word is Karōshi. Karōshi is japanese and literally translates to death from overwork.

Everything in the world has a cycle, an ebb and flow. The tide goes in and the tide comes out. The sun rises, the sun sets. We wake, we sleep. NOTHING in this world is always on.

Imagine a world where there was no nighttime, the sun never set. Plants would wither and die, animals would die, the world would rise in temperature and nothing would exist.

The weekends are just as important for an entrepreneur as the weekdays. How you use your time to recover and prep for the next few days is vitally important.

Saturday I went to the local farmers market and bought $40 worth of fresh vegetables.

I proceeded to chop up all these vegetables, bag them, and freeze them. This saves me 15 minutes a day in prepping my breakfast. Instead of having to chop this every morning I grab a handful of the vegetables that I desire and cook them up. (Again, doing the bulletproof diet and I eat tons of veggies).

15 minutes x 7 days a week = 1hr 45 minutes a week extra time.

On top of that it is a nourishing exercise chopping fresh vegetables. Everything in the world is made of energy. If the person prepping your food is angry, that energy will transfer to what you eat. I spend the time in reverence to my food. Enjoying the company with my lady as I complete a simple task.

I challenge you to chop up some fresh veggies this weekend and spend all your energy being in reverence of the activity. Grateful of the experience. Watch how much MORE the food will fuel you.

Life is about the experiences you share with others.

After I finished my task of chopping veggies, I got to meet up with a bunch of old friends. By old friends of course, I am referring to the friends I have made from the social media app Meerkat.

I could make up some business like reason to go to this meetup. Touting things like the power of networking with influencers. In all reality, I am extremely extroverted and love meeting people. Sometimes it feels good to go out and just have some fun. Sure it also helps that I get to hang with power influencers like Geoff Golberg (Whom I consider a close personal friend), or get to have The Rothland brothers say yes to performing at my Rooftop Party this Saturday. (Check out their music, it sick!)

The truth comes down to this, I would still have gone without any of those benefits because life is about the experiences you share with others. I got to share an amazing experience with a bunch of amazing beautiful people.

Sleepy Sundays are a Joke

My main “work” goal for this weekend was to copyedit a blog article and plan some advertising. I consider this light work that would take no more than an hour or two. The universe had other plans.

The day starts with brunch at Five Leaves in Greenpoint. I highly recommend the place but go early as it is highly sought after. Making a small personal error in judgement I opted for their burger. This burger was amazing! Grass fed beef, pineapples, beats, egg and a plethora of other delicious ingredients. The mistake is I continued to ingest copious amounts of gluten this weekend (beer from last night and bread today). The difference between my body’s reaction between being on the bullet proof diet (high in grass fed butter, coffee, and veggies) and off it (dairy, gluten, and sugar) is night and day.

I am officially swearing off sugar, gluten, and dairy. Dairy will be the hardest for me personally because I love cheese. I joke I am part mouse.

Brunch was special occasion for my lady and I. We rarely splurge on ourselves because… well I don’t really know. A learned behavior from our parents I guess.

After the amazing meal, I was feeling sluggish and sleepy. Two traits I dislike to feel compared to my usual energized and focused self. We shot over to the Matcha bar and got ourselves juiced up on some good old fashion powered green tea matcha.

While we did some light “Work” copy editing blog articles, planning for the next week, etc. This happened for all of 10 minutes until we had an unexpected visitor that detoured us for the rest of the night. Easily this could have been a situation where I look at our lack of progress accomplishing the task as a negative. But today I did not.

In my experience the mark of a good entrepreneur is knowing when to stay focused and when to roll with the punches.

This weekend was fully rolling with the punches and enjoying the moment. The flow has allowed me to recover and I am excited to take on next week. This weekis going to be jammed packed with Periscope Summit events and I am excited to meet a bunch of new people.

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