Top Resources

You have started making your content on social media and the market has started to react to you in a positive light. You are getting more Instagram likes, and turning into a real authority in your space. This is awesome and you should totally celebrate being an awesome influencer and personal brand.

But… no one said you had to also be a bit of an entrepreneur and a media machine. Being on all platforms all the time! How, in gods name are you going to manage this crazy world of social media to build your digital empire?

No worries, we got your back. Here are a 31 free and paid resources to help you build your personal brand online.

Authors note: some of these resources have affiliate links. If you so choose to go through our affiliate link, you will help support us. It will never cost you more money and sometimes will save you money or give you additional perks. Just wanted to let you know in advance to be 100% transparent.


Almost every successful entrepreneur, business tycoon, and CEO spend time reading books. When these leaders write a book you can gain their knowledge and expertise at a fraction of the cost. It is like hiring the most successful people in the world to mentor you. Now imagine during your drive to work you get to sit next to Warren Buffet and learn how he thinks about investing. Or Jack Welch former CEO of GE on scaling and growing a business. Audible is the VERY BEST INVESTMENT you can make in your personal brand. For $15 a month you can listen to the best teachers in the world. Use the link below to get 2 free books when you sign up.

Reddit, Youtube, Google

The most important resource I can share with you is resourcefulness. We live in the age of information, and every day new groundbreaking technologies are being created. When I first started in the digital online business world, information was scarce. Now we have Youtube university to teach us any skill we desire, and Google-fu to search for top resources.

My favorite though is Reddit. Reddit is an amazing resource for crowdsourced info. You will know quality content because of the thousands of upvotes on the post. This allows us to outsource the grunt work of finding top information. Find subreddits that support you in your journey. A few of my favorites are Entrepreneur, Growth Hackers, Marketing, and Small Business.


For my digital entrepreneurs who are looking to create online products such as information products, memberships sites, and the like Thinkific is a fantastic resource. Normally when creating these products you have to find a way to secure the information so someone can’t steal your video or ebook without paying. Keep the site speed up (slow site = low revenue), design landing pages, hot video, and so much more.

Membership sites are an absolute beast to create by yourself, that is why I use Thinkific. It takes care of everything you need to run an effective membership site, all the while being super intuitive to manage your content and promotions.


Is an all-in-one content schedule tool that will absolutely rock your socks off. Imagine being able to schedule all your social media posts, all your blog articles, podcasts, youtube videos, and manage a launch between your whole team.

Coschedule absolutely helps you do all that and so much more. When managing social media, coscheudle will help you build templates for each social media. Send a tweet with a new blog article, 3 days later a “did you miss this tweet,” and a month later send out a “this months top article tweet.”

Headline Analyzer

Coschedule also has an amazing free resource that deserves a mention all on it’s own, headline hacks. Writing a great headline is the number 1 most important aspect to ANY marketing you do. 8 out of every 10 people only read a headline. Therefore, the more time and energy you spend creating the right headline, the more traffic you will generate.

Which headline sounds better to you? Top resources of 2018 or 32 mind-blowing resources for digital entrepreneurs that will save you time, energy, and money?


I have a confession to make, I make spelling mistakes all the time. My spelling has only degraded since the invention of Google and autocorrect. Grammarly is a great free tool that not only helps you spell correctly, it also helps you correct some of the most common grammar mistakes we make. Then and then, your or you’re, which witch is which? Ya feel me dog?


Hosting your website is a big part of how fast your website loads. Picking the right website host is super important. Mediatemple is an awesome hosting platform that loads websites quickly, has great customer support, and an easy to use interface.

WordPress & Squarespace

When it comes to building a website there are two main platforms we recommend. WordPress is the standard for website building. Using themes from Themeforest and plugins, you can build a robust website that can do anything you want.

If you need a fast and cheap website, Squarespace is your answer. Super easy to use, build, and maintain. Squarespace is my go to website builder for those with no website building skills.


Finding the right theme for your WordPress site is super easy. ThemeForest is a marketplace to buy WordPress themes. I always look for themes that have demo content that I can import. This allows me to build the website much quicker.

Leadpages helps you build landing pages, squeeze pages, and marketing funnels for your business. Collect emails, send tripwires and so much more using Leadpages. Use Leadpages Lead box feature to create content upgrades in the middle of your blog content to increase email collection.


While there are many tools to manage your email marketing, convert kit is in our opinion the best one out there. Convertkit is specifically designed for bloggers and content marketers. Send your new email subscribers through a series of top blog content to increase website traffic. Use Tags to segment subscribers interests and keep a super active and engaged email list.

Ebook Templates

Creating a killer ebook used to be super hard to do. You would need a graphic designer to build you an ebook in Adobe InDesign and cost hundreds of bucks. Now you can build tons of different ebooks with great design for almost nothing. Get a huge collection of Ebook Templates for all your marketing needs. Make ebooks, opt-ins, and free offers with no fuss.

Creative market

Creative Market is a marketplace for everything a graphic designer may need. Want some cool new fonts, they got um. Want some interesting icons, brushes, or vector art? Yep, they got them too. Need to spruce up a presentation with some templates, yeppers, they got those too. It is a glorious place to find some awesome cheap resources.


When it comes to building a business, the one thing that every person runs into is a limited amount of time. and are two great places to outsource some of your work to. I recommend on fiver to stick to graphic design, and video type services. Buying SEO links or fake testimonials will hurt you more than help you. Upwork is great for outsourcing route mundane work.


Need some design whipped together fast but don’t want to buy expensive design programs like indesign or photoshop? Canva has your back, it is a super easy to use tool that will help you design anything you need. Plus it is completely free if you upload your own media.


Instagram is one of the biggest time sinks of any social media platform. allows you to schedule all your Instagram posts, write descriptions, and optimize your posts to post at certain times. You can also see how your feed will look in the preview mode. (A great looking feed will get people to follow you)

Once you are done, later will send push notifications to your phone to make the posts. (There is no way to auto-post onto Instagram without breaking Instagram’s Terms of Service.) Latergram has helped me save hours, normally the whole process of posting a photo, editing a photo, writing descriptions, doing hashtags would take 15-30 minutes. Now it takes me less than a minute to post a photo.


When someone is interested in working with you, they will reach out and send you a message through your contact form on your site. But what if you need more info, and want to qualify the prospect before you get on a call. Typeform creates interactive lead generation forms that are fun to go through and can generate you way more qualified leads.


Finding and building a community on Instagram requires more than just posting photos. You must actively engage with other people and create conversations. Peoplemap is a fantastic tool to find the right type of people to engage with, build a list of influencers in your space to network with, and collect new Instagram leads.