how to rock snapchat like a pro

How to Rock Snapchat like a Pro

Snapchat is absolutely exploding in popularity.

With over 10 billion video views a day, Snapchat is a force to be reckoned with. As an entrepreneur and marketer, you must be looking at this platform in 2016 if you want to stay ahead of the curve. The phrase goes “adapt or die,” after all.

To rock Snapchat like a pro there are a few basic things to know.

There are two aspects to using Snapchat, storytelling and being social. Storytelling is story selling, it is how you get to capture and keep attention, of your customers. Content is king in Snapchat. Simply put, if you are boring you won’t get the views.


Here are a few tips to mastering the art of storytelling on Snapchat.

  • Pay attention to the timing of your shots, 10-second selfies are the quickest way to lose views.
  • Flex your creative muscle and try new things
  • Watch others who do it well and learn from them
  • Don’t be afraid to fail, failure = progress


The second aspect of Snapchat is being social, it is a social media after all! The more social you are, the bigger you community grows. Spend the time doing community management and chatting with your audience.


A few tips to mastering the art of being social on Snapchat.

  • Create content that starts a conversation
  • Make your content interactive
  • Test what works for your audience
  • Share your Snapcode to build your community


This is called a “Snapcode.”

austin iuliano snapchat snapcode


Once you understand the two main aspects of Snapchat, you can start defining your Snapchat style. What type of content producer do you want to be, or maybe combine a few styles? Here are a few examples but there are lots more.

  • Storytellers are the creative extraordinaire
  • Community builders are the Chatty Cathy’s who love sharing their community
  • Ranters are the fire spitting, knowledge bomb dropping, intense snappers. …Garyvee anyone?
  • The dorks are the people who absolutely are passionate about any subject: video games, science, fashion, movies, health & fitness.
  • Foodies/Party peeps are those who love sharing their food like it is Instagram or the massive amount of clubs and concerts they attend.


To rock Snapchat like a pro, you’ve gotta build your audience.

This means doing all of the following and much more.

  • Share your Snapcode and username everywhere
  • Do Snapchat collaborations
  • Give shout outs to other awesome Snapchatters
  • Create awesome content to get discovered


For more on how to Rock Snapchat like a Pro, check out Snapchat Mastery. It’s the best online Snapchat resource you can find.



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