This week has been crazy busy with periscope summit happening. Periscope summit was an amazing experience and I had some amazing takeaways.

My key takeaways from #periscope Summit

My takeaways is this. All social media’s are about the community you build. The great thing about new social medias like periscope is the ability to make friends rapidly. Everyone is there supporting each other.

I wanted to just give a quick thank you to all the wonderful people I met at periscope summit and I can’t wait to meet more of you. Reach out to me or @austiniuliano on twitter.
Since it is Friday I determined to take it easy today. I did a lot of quality time with my lady trying out new places to eat, and prepping for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the Live-Streaming Rooftop Party

If you live stream, and live in #NYC I would love to meet you.

That is about it for the day, I am also brainstorming a few new projects that I want to start. Lets see where the weekend takes me today.