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Periscope Analytics

Fullscope Periscope Analytic’s Review

At Periscope Summit, one of the big newsworthy topics was @alexpettitt talking about the release of a periscope analytics tool. He had a nice presentation and got all of us excited by the idea we could finally start breaking down all our broadcasts.

While I thought there was only one player in the race to create a periscope analytics tool, there seems to be two. Meet Fullscope, and watch the live review of my first time using it. Sign up free by going to

Overall, I would give an initial rating of 8/10

I think the platform has a solid user experience, it is easy to navigate and looks great. The functionality seems well thought out.

I absolutely love the deep analytics behind who is watching your streams and how well engaged they are.

What I would desire for future updates is more tools and resources to build a community. But this is a tool I will be using just as much as

update: As I have been using Fullscope more, I have found some great uses.

My good friend Vin Nolan uses Fullscope to monitor his daily heart contests. Every day he run’s contests who can tap the screen and give the most hearts. The winner usually get’s something cool like a postcard from NYC. Using fullscope you can go back even a few days later and figure out who engaged the most.

Using Fullscope to build your community. One of my favorite new techniques is to see who watched the entire stream or most of the stream but haven’t left a comment. I reach out to them and thank them for being apart of my stream. This is a great way to convert wallflowers and lurkers into engaged members.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.