mentality of a champion

Mentality of a Champion

Let’s start 2015 off with a bang! By referencing last years newish top vlogger. Gary Vaynerchuk co-founder of VaynerMedia, founder of Wine Library and soon to be owner of the New York Jets.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the top entrepreneurs to watch for 2015 and his show #askgaryvee on YouTube is a cornucopia of wisdom.

Here is the outline of what it takes to be a champion in business from watching the #askgaryvee show.

The 51/49% attitude

In every business deal give the other person 51% of the value while you take 49%. Having this attitude towards business does a few things. First off giving the other person the better deal builds your reputation and legacy.

You become the go to guy in business— the spit in your hand, my word is my bond kind of guy.

Second having the 49% end of the deal makes you resourceful. You must be good enough to execute the with that 49% and still come out on top. You become scrappy!

Lastly, it makes you consistently humble. Giving more in every action you do strengthens your humble muscle. This is so important to being a great leader.

Listening like it is your Job

Because it is!

No matter what position or title your number one skill you need is the ability to listen.

Listening allows you to understand what truly motivates an employee.

It allows you to understand how to give 51% in the business deal.

Most importantly it shows people that you are willing to invest your most valuable asset… your time and attention.

Spend Time not Money

Money is great and money is wonderful but money is not as valuable as attention and time.

One on one marketing is essential to growing a business and becoming an all star champ.

People want to know you care about them.

Be it selling them the best bottle of white wine to go with fish, (It isn’t Pinot Grigio), or handling their businesses social media accounts.

When people know and FEEL that you care about them you gain their trust.

Hustle like it is the Last Day on Earth

A meteor is rocketing to earth about to destroy the east coast. Are you going to sit on your ass and watch the next episode of Orange is the new Black or are you going to dead sprint to the high ground and save your life?

The champs of business hustle while others quit. “From 9pm to 2am you can do some awesome damage” —Gary.

Don’t say you don’t have time. Stop watching tv, hire someone else do take over things like housekeeping or do driving.

The more you hustle the more you win.

Refuse to Lose!

Have a North Star

Gary’s North Star is buying the New York Jets and leaving a legacy.

This is your guiding light in your overall business strategy. Sometimes this is referred to as a vision.

Because one you have a vision you can focus on the Clouds and the Dirt. The bombers and the navy seals.

Focusing on going broad and very surgically deep.

Be a halftime quarterback

There are two different types of entrepreneurs.

Those who make a plan and play it through to the end — and those who change their plan during halftime.

Halftime QB’s are nimble, they react and adjust as needed.

You as an entrepreneur must always be ready to pivot 90 degrees when the market says to.

That is what Gary does in business day in and day out. It is also a trait I feel most successful entrepreneurs have or quickly acquire.

The mentality of a champion can be summed up very easily:

  1. Hustle your face off

2. Give more value than you take

3. Listen and react as the market dictates.

(Some of the same principles Napoleon Hill said in the 16 Laws of Success)