How to use Twitter Videos to build your brand


In the past 48 hours a trending hashtag has been circulating the Twitter-verse: #DescribeTwitterIn3Words. That can only be described as an avant-garde approach to constructive criticism. Or at least that is what I hope.


The general sentiment for what Twitter has been turned into lately is “Scrollin’, Trollin’, Scrollin’”, “marketers ruin everything”, or my favorite “FIRE HOSE ON.”


I think this is true, for a vast majority of people Twitter has become a fire hose of content and noise. Everyone is sharing their latest blog posts, the post of their “influencers” in the hopes of “creating value.”


Thankfully, Twitter has released a native video feature that has changed the native dynamic. You can now send 30-second videos to anyone. No more 140 character limit.

It is super easy let me show you how it is done in this video.


How to send a video through Twitter:

Three Reasons to Love Twitter’s New Video Feature

As Gary Vaynerchuk says “Marketers ruin everything.” Before marketers ruined Twitter it was a great way to share and engage with people. Now, it’s a fire hose.

  • Twitter’s new native video feature allows you to break through the noise. Not many people are doing it, which is the key to being different.
  • It creates deeper relationships with your connections. Consistently I have said the ONLY strategy you need to grow your brand with social media is “depth over width.” The deeper connections and relationships you have with your audience the more sales you make and more opportunities you receive. It takes extra time out of your day to send a video over a quick tweet.
  • Authenticity, personality, and value are created and showcased. It’s a no brainer. Authenticity wins hands down; we can all see the honest true soul a mile away. People buy from people. When you take time out of your day to create a personal connection with a stranger you add value to their life.


Since I started implementing this Twitter tactic the results have been crazy. These are the responses to personalized welcome messages.


Twitter Video Testimonials


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What are your thoughts about the new Twitter video feature? If you have found this post helpful send me a twitter video message @austiniuliano