how to master the art of storytelling on snapchat


How to Master the Art of Storytelling on Snapchat

What is Storytelling in Snapchat?

Every social media platform has a native way to tell stories.


In Youtube, you create epic videos like Casey Neistat, or Gary Vaynerchuk. In Instagram you snap intriguing photos like Emelina Spinelli, Megan Snedden, or Melissa Male. In Vine you create a 6-second videos.


All of those platforms have only two mechanisms to tell your story: picture or video. Snapchat, on the other hand, has shifted the paradigm of storytelling. It has done this by limiting the user’s ability to tell stories with tons of effects. Now inspires people to create more from their imagination.


Storytelling in Snapchat is a mini series of events strung together to form a cohesive message. Each event is like a page in a book. Each of these pages are the individual snaps. They can be video, pictures, drawings, emoji’s, text, or a combination of all of these.


Upon a first glance, it might seem that storytelling in Snapchat is limited. For example, you are unable to upload video or photos from outside of Snapchat. That same limitation inspires an unlimited supply of creativity.


Storytelling is to Snapchat as water is to a fish.


Mastering the art of storytelling on Snapchat.

Before you can become the master, first you must be a padawan. Learn from others, who are absolutely doing amazing things in Snapchat. Add these Snapchatters and start consuming their content daily.


AustinIuliano, Blakec432, Figoamericano, Shaunayala, Shonduras, Tristantales, Taylor.nikoleye, Operamericano, Socialguru and many, many more!


Push your creative boundaries.

A lesson I have learned early in life is if you don’t fail, you are not trying hard enough.


When trying to story tell in Snapchat, try new shots, tricks, and types of content. Play and experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.


Spend more time and energy creating interesting snaps and stories. The difference between a master storyteller and an amateur is how good the content is.


Top Snapchatters enjoy the process of making the content. They spend hours every day working on drawing interesting snaps, telling interesting stories, finding interesting facts, or building a great community.


Have a beginning middle and end to your story.

I couldn’t say it any better than Tristan Tales in this article.



The majority of your story feed is comprised of selfies, snaps of food, concert snaps, and other mundane pics, so it’s no surprise that a story that operates as a narrative might stand out.


The one thing that Snapchat influencers who have cultivated a following have in common, is that they are stringing together snaps to tell a story—a story with a beginning, middle, and end. There’s a story behind everything you do, your followers are just waiting to hear it.


Begin by setting up what you’re doing in your story: where are you going? with who? why? what’s the objective? Now dive into the narrative. Don’t just tell us what you’re doing, show us!

It’s no secret that Snapchat has its limitations, but to become an influencer you have to think creatively outside of these boundaries. Add multiple “layers” to your snaps. These can be drawings, emojis, filters and music.


Play music to add a soundtrack to your life. Fast forward, throw it in slow motion, throw some filters on that nude… I mean snap! **darn autocorrect**


Accomplish your goal, or fail trying (which is always funny), and then wrap your story up with a summary or a visual punch.

Tell a story that is authentic to you and organic to the app. There’s a story waiting to be told behind even the most monotonous of tasks, make Snapchat your tool for telling it.”

snapchat mastery by austin iuliano

Build a community.

While you might be the center of your Snapchat stories, the really life-changing aspect is building a community around what you’re doing. Snapchat Influencers and storytellers understand that their audience and their community are the assets that propel them toward their goals.


How do you build a community? Take the time to snap your followers back. Reward them for watching your stories and always be engaging.


Collaborate for fun, and for success.

Collaborations are fun, be it a Snapchat “swap” or a full blown creative storytelling.


The idea here is to take the time to find epic partners and do crazy things. When you collaborate with others you build stronger relationships with the other Snapchatters. Additionally, you get to build relationships with the other person’s audience.


When you share audiences and collaborate you both become more successful. You both gain more followers and build a bigger community. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Looking for more epic tips to master your Snapchat and tell epic, engaging stories? Maybe it’s time to become a Snapchat Master.

What other tips do you have for mastering the art of storytelling on Snapchat?