how to make pinterest pins go viral


Oh the sweet, sweet effects of viral traffic…who doesn’t love exponentially more clicks to their website? Imagine, tons of new sign ups to your mailing list and lots of free exposure to your brand. So what is the secret?


How do you make a Pinterest Pin viral?

Going viral isn’t an exact science. If it was, then everyone would be doing it on every pin. Understanding why your not going viral can help you fix things to have a better chance.


First, you must understand Pinterest search and discovery algorithms that are affecting your account. (Link)

Next, sign up for Tailwindapp to monitor your brand’s page performance.

Finally, use this Pinterest checklist to improve your overall performance in Pinterest.


Pinterest Account Checklist:

  1. Convert your page into a business page
  2. Verify your website
  3. Enable Rich pin’s
  4. Add a profile picture showing your face, not your logo. People buy you not your product.
  5. Complete Bio with Keywords and description like this.
  6. Remove Hashtags from Pinterest account
  7. Is your website Pinterest friendly? Don’t know what that looks like?
  8. Check out and pin something while you are there.


Pinterest Board Checklist:

  1. Make top row of boards original content.
  2. First board all original blog articles or products. Like this
  3. Make Cover Photos for boards engaging
  4. Rotate cover board images to keep look and feel fresh
  5. Label boards with keywords, no creativity.
  6. Boards have descriptions that are keyword rich, but also wrote for humans?
  7. Proper amount of Pin’s per board, 10 minimum (to start a board) up to 1,000
  8. Over 1000 pin’s, split it into two or more boards.
  9. Remove redundant pins
  10. Delete pins that don’t get engagement
  11. Leave spammy group boards, they hurt your rank. Only join group boards curating great content


pinterest pins and boards

Pinterest Pin Checklist:

  1. Check the “link quality” of ALL pins. Remove dead links, or links that don’t go to correct websites.
  2. Have the correct link. Does the link goes to an article related to the pin?
  3. Make the image is “pin-worthy”. Beautiful engaging images that are vertical not horizontal.
  4. Make the pin high resolution.
  5. Write a high-quality pin description. People actually read them.
  6. Write your descriptions a little longer, the optimal length of a pin description is 300 characters or more!
  7. Is the pin a “rich pin?” This is that important that I gave it two spots on the checklist!


pinterest pins

Pinterest Habit’s Checklist:

  1. Do you pin every day? (Consistency is the key to growth!)
  2. Do you pin late at night or early in the morning (these are the best times to pin!)
  3. Do you network with other Pinterest users? It is a social network after all.
  4. Do you share your Pinterest boards outside of Pinterest? You can increase your following by sharing your Pinterest account on your other social medias.
  5. Do you have Call-To-Actions on your website to drive people to Pinterest, and for them to pin on Pinterest.
  6. Are you promoting your content through Pinterest Promoted Pins?


Use this checklist and your chances of creating a viral pin will skyrocket. The key is consistency and creating the right habits. Success will not happen overnight, but if you put the work in you can have consistent free blog traffic.


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If you could tell people to do only one thing in Pinterest what would it be?

Let us know in the comments!