how to eliminate your negative money beliefs

I am going to tell you my journey and I hope it helps you understand what you need to do to eliminate negative money beliefs.  Let me be honest and candid with you… I am not especially smart… or talented… or lucky in any way shape or form.

If anything… the ONLY thing I am— is willing to change.  I will explain what I mean momentarily.


About two years ago I went to a seminar called The Millionaire Mind Intensive by T. Harv Eker.  This intensive was is a 3-day “money retraining” program.  The goal was to change your beliefs around money.  Simply put, our beliefs create our reality.

T. Harv Eker was fortunate enough to have a mentor who was a millionaire. This positive influence showed him that rich people and poor people think very differently about money.


Poor people have limiting beliefs around money such as…

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • You have to work hard for money
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • The rich get richer the poor get poorer
  • Money is a limited resource
  • You’re either rich or happy/healthy


I listened closely throughout this intensive. As I watched a multi-millionaire talk about money, he said something profound to me.  As he was exposing the self-limiting beliefs for everyone in the room, he read the disbelief all over everyone’s’ faces.

That’s when he dropped a bomb on me. He said you can be right, or you can be rich.”


This was a call from the Universe (God, my higher self, how every you want to label it).

It was a call to change myself.

I had to change to become rich… but I didn’t know how.

So I listened to what the rich people said.


First be grateful for everything!

This was challenging, because my life sucked. I was poor, with limited resources. I wasn’t typically “educated,” and had no strategy to succeed.

I am going to be honest here; I am 100% grateful for being poor.  Not because it is something I desire, but because it showed me what I was capable of.


It gave me a “thick skin.” When it becomes a situation of sell or die, I didn’t stop just because the 10th person said “no.”

It made me be resourceful, I didn’t know how to get the education.  So I went to my local library and got the audiobooks I needed.  I burned them onto my computer and listen to them every day.


So I have to say THANK YOU past Austin for having to learn those lessons.

That being said, I never desire to be that person again.


The next thing they said to do, and I suggest for you to do is…

Make decisions out of desire, not obligation.

This area was more challenging for me to understand.  I actually had to turn to spirituality… and this is coming from someone who is NOT religious at all. Here me out though and let’s do some deductive reasoning.


In the bible they said, “man is made in the likeness of GOD.”  If that is true, then every emotion and experience is also a way for “GOD” (or the Universe) to express itself.  When a violinist makes a beautiful melody, that is the Universe expansively expressing through the violinist.

Let’s be honest, how could you not call the beautiful range of emotions we have as anything but divine.


So I started focusing on my desires.

My main desire was to have wealth and abundance in my life.  I don’t care about the nice car, or house, or any of the bling bling.

  • I desire to be rich so I can travel and see the world.
  • I desire to be rich to help people, feed the hungry, build schools, and contribute to my community.
  • I desire to be rich so I can train with the best people in the world and make myself the best person I can be.


When I die, I want no regrets.  I don’t ever want to say: I wish I spent more time with the ones I love. I wish I did more with my life. I wish I didn’t work all day long at a job I hate.

I started making choices out of desire. Instead of paying off my student loans, I put them on deferment and invested in coaching.  Instead of working for someone else, I started my own business. Instead of doing things I SHOULD I did things I DESIRED.

Obviously I am paying my student loads, but I needed to take care of myself.


When I did things I desired, it allowed me to do one thing: become stronger.  I would make more calls, I would face my fears, and I would work harder at what I was seeking.  My desires FUELED me with PURPOSE.

Change and Eliminate Negative Money Beliefs. 

I told you earlier that we all have limiting beliefs around money. Well, I had the good fortune of someone pointing ALL of them out to me. Once I recognized the beliefs that weren’t helping me, I could change them.

My personal work with a success coach was amazing. My coach explained to me we all have blind spots in our vision.  Things we block out and don’t see because we CHOOSE not to see them.


Let me explain. As you read this can you see your nose?  Don’t go cross-eyed to look. Just read…  You can’t see your nose because your brain blocks it from your vision.  This is a natural blind spot.


Working with my coach allowed me to see my blind spots and activity change them around.

I decided to make this investment because he pitched it to me like this: If you were 400 lbs. and looking to get into shape, you wouldn’t say “I will lose 200lbs and then I will acquire a personal trainer”


HELL NO!  You would get your FAT ASS to a gym and have someone push you up on the treadmill.

That’s what he did for me. He got me up on the financial treadmill and made me hustle my face off to make myself better.


Find yourself a coach to hep you see the blind spots.


Stop blaming, complaining and making excuses.

I had to recognize that the current financial situation I was in, and my entire life was a direct result of my thoughts and actions.  Once I saw that and I was honest… the weight of the world came off my shoulders.

It’s almost like the first time you tell your mom you got a bad grade in school. It’s much worse in your head than in real life.

When you see that your actions or lack of actions caused a certain result, you see how to take actions that are in your highest good.

Stop making excuses of WHY you’re not getting what you want.


Ask, who do I need to become to get the results I desire?

Maybe most importantly, you can discover how to create systems in place to achieve the results you desire.

Crazy enough, after 90 consecutive days of doing this, I went from making $2,000 a month to $6,000 a month.

This blew my mind.


I then set my goals on a $10,000 coaching program and got in.  As I set my bar higher and higher, and I continue to think in this way, my revenue keeps going up.

Look… I am going to ask you a simple question.

Can you afford NOT to do the same thing?


I am not talking about financially. I am asking can your SOUL afford to not do something bigger than yourself?

Can you afford to go another 30 days and not be happy with your life?


If you want to start changing your life, eliminating negative beliefs about yourself and money. Than and only then, join the revolution to change your beliefs. My new audio book, the Inner Entrepreneur Bootcamp: How to WIN the Inner Game of Business will teach you the tools needed to take on life.


I normally sell this information as a $6,000 6-hour intensive to radically shift your life.  Don’t hesitate opportunity is only seized by the bold.


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