how to change your life drastically in one hour- a meditation


Early spring last year, I was working front desk at a popular hostel in San Francisco. I was fortunate to be able to talk tech with some startup founders and talk spirituality with backpackers from across the globe, and vice versa.

I remember having this one conversation with this guy from Brazil (who ended up becoming a good friend of mine). Like many Brazilian men do, he poetically and passionately starts teaching me about life and the universe.


In this conversation, he shares with me this quote, “The Universe Loves Movement.”

And as soon as those words left his lips, I just felt such a twist in my emotions.

A part of me wanted to smile and dance for joy and agree with him, and a larger part of me wanted to cry.


You see I’ve wasted years hustling, moving, and trying to control and figure things out without any real results that I started to disbelieve in the greater consciousness out there.

How can The Universe or God (whatever word you choose to describe the immeasurable gravity of love I feel the majority of the time) — love movement when I don’t always see his reaction to my movements.


Sometimes I would imagine God, The Universe, as a stoic parent at my dance recital — there but not clapping.

Then I’d start going down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts, “Maybe the Universe doesn’t like me. Maybe, I’m doing it wrong.”

Then light bulb moment hits and stops the pity train. THE UNIVERSE LOVES MOVEMENT.

Outwardly I’ve always been good at moving. I can write a whole bunch of blog posts, network like a pro, and pick up and travel like no one’s business.



The inner game of making strides and movement in my life I’ve always needed to work harder at that.

Life and entrepreneurship is just as much an inner game as it is an outer one.

I’ve personally and quietly held a lot of spiritual and emotional baggage when I first became an entrepreneur and it reflected on the success level of my business.


You can’t become rich, wealthy, joyful, and abundant if you’re failing to move on from your past.

You can’t expect movement and positive change in your life if you’re also not moving and releasing old feelings and past hurts from the inside.


If your inner world is stagnant than your external world will reflect that lack of movement (think when you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, depressed, anxious, uncertain, etc)


I want to take a moment to get you to do something gutsy and downright uncomfortable.

It’s not going to be easy (there is definitely going to be tears).

BUT if you trust me, I promise that you’ll grow from this experience and it’ll help get things moving again in your life (especially if you’ve been feeling in a rut or down on your luck as of lately).

Below is a spiritual meditation and walk-through that will help you release negative baggage, fears, and limiting beliefs from your past so you can clearly move forward, starting today.


Release Limiting Beliefs with this Mediation.

What You’ll Need:

  • A quiet and secluded place where you can be alone and with your thoughts
  • A pen and piece of paper
  • At least an hour of your time



Find a quiet and secluded place, get comfortable, put on quiet ambient music if need be.

Take the pen and piece of paper and write down the name of every past relationship that you’ve felt hurt, cheated, or wronged by. Write the name of every person who you hold judgments, hate, or blame against.

Now I want you to go down the list one by one and imagine that you are in a dark room and that person is right in front of you.

Get a full picture of their face and imagine them calmly sitting or standing in front of you.


Now imagine telling this person (all visualizing in your mind) what you loved about them (if you ever loved them) and how you felt hurt by them. Lay it all out on them. Don’t hold back any details or feelings, and during all this imagine them sitting there patiently listening (even if that’s typically not in their character).

Tell them everything you were too afraid to tell them in person.


Imagine they respond back and tell you that they are sorry.

If you’re struggling to imagine what that apology looks like you can also imagine them responding, “I was afraid. I’m sorry.”

Imagine them telling you all the good things that they loved about you and then honestly saying why it didn’t work out between the two of you.


Then, take a deep breath and forgive them.


Imagine that you are both forgiving each other repeatedly. After you’ve said everything you were going to say and they’ve said everything… hug them, or shake hands.

Then move onto the next person on your list.


Once you’ve done this exercise with everyone from your past on your list, then imagine a door in the middle of the room. Now, say goodbye to whoever you’re leaving in the room, one by one. Take a moment to hold the hand of whoever you’re bringing through that door. And if you’re not bringing anyone through that door with you that’s perfectly ok as well.

The door represents the future that you are walking into.

Now walk through that door, there’s going to be a bright light and this door is the gateway to your future and the dark room behind you is your past.


Walk through the door, look behind you and wave goodbye, close the door, and lock it, now turn around and feel the bright light on you. Feel its warmth. Feel all the muscles in your body relax.


And, embrace your new chapter.

Remember that piece of paper with all the names on it? Shred it up, burn it, and throw it out. That is no longer your story, and it’s also a symbol of you taking action and making movement in your inner and external world.


Walk forward clearly and with passion.

You’ve created a lot of space in your life and you’re going to be filling it with new relationships and new opportunities.


Keep doing this exercise until you feel free.

Sometimes you might have to do this exercise more than once, there might be things that pop up or things that weren’t said in the first round. It’s all part of the process and all perfectly okay. The road to freedom and creating positive change is a journey and a practice.

Just by doing this exercise you’ve personally freed up so much energetic space in your life. Forgiveness and self-love are a juicy concoction that keeps your inner drive fueled and primed for consistent greatness.


I’m so glad you took a leap of faith and shook things up.

It took me a long time to learn this, but I now know with every fiber of my being when you show up and make some moves the Universe will move right with you.


This is how you create movement in your life and this is how you can change your life as well.

Remember, The Universe Loves Movement (and apparently attractive Brazilian men that compliment the Universe too!)


Did you enjoy the exercise? Are you looking for more like this? Let us know in the comments!