What do I do when I have no money to advertise my business?
Simple and short answer is hustle. Every entrepreneur has two things going for them that they can leverage. You either have a boat load of money, or you have a whole lot of time. If you don’t have the money than you need to put the time in to be successful.

Your clients are hanging on on social medias, use them to your advantage.


Facebook has an amazing tool called graph search. It is the big search bar at the top of google. Start by putting a term in Facebook that represents your audience “entrepreneur, moms, surfing, rock climbing.” Next click on the bottom most entry to pull up more options, and click on the groups tab.

Here you will find groups of people who self identify by the term you put in. Join those groups and start networking with the members.

Ask them the challenges they are having, help them achieve solutions, and provide value. Become a valuable member of the community and offer your services.


Twitter has a great search function too. Instead of people self identifying in groups they are talking in real time about a subject. Search your subject matter and engage in conversation with people.

Twitter consistently has chats that happen. This is where everyone talks about a subject and uses a particular hashtag. #getrealchat #brandchat #dadchat. Jump into the chats that make sense for you business and build relationships. For more tips to generate leads with twitter check out dscience.co/twitter-marketing-how-to-grow-leads-on-twitter-in-under-a-week

Have a pitch that generates attention

If you aren’t closing sales chances are you don’t have a strong enough pitch to generate interest. Most pitches go something like this “HI my name is bob and I am a marketing consultant” “hi my name is mary and I am a yoga instructor.”

Sound familiar? A great pitch should not talk about YOU, it should only talk about what you can do for the customer.

Hi I am Austin Iuliano and I am a brand strategist. After working with me my last client generated over $2,000,000 in revenue. Typically the clients I work with come to be because they don’t know how to sell their unique gifts. They have trouble finding the right clients, or they need an accountability partner to help them grow their business. Do you know anyone like that?

That pitch had a strong hook. Showcased exactly how I can help clients and ended with a psychological trigger to make the prospect think and engage.

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