how every failure and mistake is a blessing


Do you ever feel like you’re beaten down?

Like you’ve been hiking uphill for months and perhaps years now. And as you thought you were at the top… someone socked you in the face. Then you realized you were only at “base 2” on a mountain with 6+ bases.


Well, let me tell you… it happens, to the best of us.


In those moments, we really learn about ourselves. We are given the opportunity to really see what we’re made of. We learn about who we are, who we used to be, and the person we can become in the moment.

That’s the gift.


Even J.K. Rowling describes this in her commencement speech, here.

Our past is just that—the past. You can deal with situations the same as in you did in the past, or change it up and consequently change the results.


Creating the same actions and decisions, and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I remember when a friend mentioned this to me in college. I thought about it long and hard.


I’ve heard it in various capacities in entrepreneur and personal development circles. Essentially, it’s just a reminder to change our approach constantly and try new things.


Try on new ideas and actions just like outfits for the day.

You’re not committed to wearing an outfit forever—ususally it’s for the day. If you like it, then you wear it again. If not, you toss it.

Let’s apply the same concept to ideas and approach to challenging situations.

when you are challenged, change your approach


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In any moment that you’re challenged, bring all you have to the table. Step up. Be the best person that you are available to be, in the moment.


These are defining events.

Do you feel like a failure or a success in these moments?


Next time, check in and ask yourself.

Some people think that success is stowing away $200k in the bank, or buying a house, or achieving millionaire or even unicorn status.


It can be for sure. But success is really determined by your default feelings, habits, actions, and personality.


What’s your level of confidence? I promise that if you can feel fully confident in these situations, you’ll have it forever. Nothing will ever be able to take it away from you.


It’s easy for someone to feel successful with hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars in the bank.

It’s easy to feel successful when someone is given prestigious awards, honor and fame.

It’s easy to feel successful when everything is going “right.”



What happens in the moments when the clouds roll in?


How do you feel when you have $2.73 in the bank?

How do you feel when you don’t have the support of friends and family?

How do you feel when your business didn’t take off the way you anticipated and you have to dig into your savings to pay for rent?


This is what makes you. 

It’s much, MUCH more challenging to know with ABSOLUTE FAITH that everything is perfect in divine timing. It takes tremendous confidence to know and feel your success even when your external circumstances say otherwise.


These defining moments come to those that can muster up this feeling of success

Even with mud caked on their faces, staring at the dirt, and the sign of a tear in the corner of their eyes.


It’s not easy to know then, that you are a success.


If you can create the internal feeling (the fire within) and know that you are doing the best possible job that you can do… and know that you are bringing EVERYTHING you’ve got to the table—then… YOU MUST BE A SUCCESS.


Your success then is inevitable.


Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about lifting weights in this video. He says that you can try to lift 500lbs 10 times and have no results. NOTHING.

Where do the results come in?

The 11th time.

The 12th time.

The 13th time…

You pick up the weight when you think there’s nothing left in you.

That’s when the magic happens.


Those are the gifts and moments that DEFINE YOU. 


Some say we’re crazy. Other’s understand what it takes.

Every entrepreneur is a little crazy….

We are not made into the people we desire to be—by the major life achievements and massive landmarks in our lives.

We forge our own success by showing up to life every day… HEAD ON.


No matter what is tossed in our court, and the happenstance that we attract in through Divine law. It’s not about how you handle the giant landmarks and goals. It’s all about who you are and how you act along the way.


Your character is defined by the small tasks and habits that you do EVERYDAY (whether you’re conscious of them or not).


Think of them as small ceramic tiles.

You place 30 or so tiles everyday into a beautiful mosaic that you’re creating. One big tile, even the most perfect beautiful one, would never complete the project. All the little tiles, colors and patterns carefully placed on your blueprint everyday would over time, create the grand work of art that you’re creating—your life.


Think of these tiles, as habits.

Are your habits working for you everyday?

We have habits even if we don’t “work on them.” For instance, if you were to go to the gym everyday to work out, you would create a habit of doing so. But, if you were to stop going for several days… you’d be beginning a new habit: one of not working out.


Are you avoiding areas of your life today? Success is reserved only for the people that show up. How will you show up today?


Let me know your thoughts in the comments…