Entrepreneur Periscope Vlog Day 1

Entrepreneur VlogOver the past few weeks, I have been assessing a lot of decisions. I have helped my clients generate over $2,000,000 in revenue, but it has come at a great cost to myself. Simply that cost is I don’t enjoy the work. More often than not, I feel my time is wasted, clients don’t listen and that if I put the time and energy into my personal brand I would achieve more. I also know that live streaming is a tremendous platform that I could better utilize.

Last night I decided to map my journey as an entrepreneur in a daily vlog via periscope. Every day I am going to talk about what I am doing, why I am doing it and give the behind the scenes of life as an entrepreneur.

What I Wish to Achieve

Quite simply I wish to stay inspired every day and wake up excited to take on the day. If by proxy I can give value to everyone who takes time out of their day to watch me on periscope, that would be icing on the cake. I have spent far too many days saying

“I know what to do I just have to do it” and now I am saying “I am doing it! HELL YEA!!!”

I have spent years learning marketing, growth hacking, social media, blogging and all other types of things. I love teaching this information and in transparency I make my living off of online information products and courses. Such as The Inner Entrepreneur Bootcamp: How to Win the Inner Game of Business, The Instagram’s Lovers Guide to Hashtags, and The Branding Blueprint. I have personally found that I enjoy creating amazing content and inspiring others to take control of their business success.

How I Start My Day

I also am starting the bulletproof diet and making the bulletproof coffee. Today I did a home made version while the goods are arriving in the mail. The bulletproof coffee is simply coffee, grass fed butter, and coconut oil blended together. I am ordering the bullet proof ground coffee, and the brain obtain oil because I want to see the difference between regular vs their full set up. Overall my thoughts are if it increases my efficiency by 50% than it is a worthwhile investment. P.S I did sign up for the affiliate program, if you wish to help support me please use that link, otherwise no worries.

I also prioritize my list of items to do for the day, funny thing is the more I work on finishing my top three priorities the more I want to get done! Maybe it is because of this new diet, which I am really loving, maybe it’s because I love crushing through tasks. Either way I am super happy about my performance today.

Creating Facebook Ad’s

One of my top priorities today was creating my Facebook Video advertisement. Originally I was going to straight sell my $7 audiobook, but in a spark of brilliant inspiration I change up my strategy last minute. I wanted to give value up front so I gave a tool called the belief wheel and asked people to sign up if they want the worksheets.

Tomorrow’s number one priority is to create a better autoresponder series.

How to Master the Art of Influencing Others

This was the third major priority today. One of my personal life goals is to become a motivational speaker, and I am fascinated on every area of personal development. To move me closer to one of my life goals, I have started blogging and periscoping what I desire to speak about.

P.S I highly recommend reading the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. This blog article was inspired by reading the book and implementing some of these strategies myself.

This has been Day 1 of my entrepreneur vlog and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to watch it in real time please find me on Periscope @austiniuliano is my handle.

Be awesome today my friends,

Austin Iuliano