how to start an online business in 14 steps

How to Start an Online Business in 14 Steps

  How to Start an Online Business in 14 Steps. Being that you’ve come across this article… I bet you’ve thought of starting an online business.   You’ve heard all the buzz and you’ve decided that you want in. Mostly… because you’re interested in doing business in your sweatpants, or from a longboard. Like Austin has been doing on Snapchat recently….

How to Use Twitter Video Feature

How to use the Twitter Video Feature to Build your Brand

  In the past 48 hours a trending hashtag has been circulating the Twitter-verse: #DescribeTwitterIn3Words. That can only be described as an avant-garde approach to constructive criticism. Or at least that is what I hope.   The general sentiment for what Twitter has been turned into lately is “Scrollin’, Trollin’, Scrollin’”, “marketers ruin everything”, or my favorite…