How to build a Brand Strategy Template

How to Build a Brand Strategy Template

After years of consulting brands and entrepreneurs, I’ve heard lots of requests to make branding easier to understand. When people ask about branding, what it is or why it’s important, I feel like I’m explaining an inquisitive relationship. “It’s complicated.”   When I say, “Branding is your reputation, your interactions with every customer, how people…

seth godin's action theory of modern marketing

Seth Godin’s Action Theory of Modern Marketing

Seth Godin Recently Launched a SkillShare Course on Modern Marketing. Revolutionary. Innovative. Modern. These are words that come to mind. “Find products for your customers [rather than] finding customers for your products.” –Seth Godin   Godin describes the evolution of marketing over the last 50 years. After dissecting the out-of-date model, he brings out the big guns….