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about emelina and austin founders of dscience

Looking to build your personal brand through generating influence on social media?

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Welcome to the d.science universe!

We believe in building influence to attract the right brand and lifestyle opportunities of your dreams.

We believe influence can be taught, built rapidly and created to be purposeful, fun and profitable.


We’re your new top resource on building your

personal brand with social media.

d.science is a marketing blog for entrepreneurs. We teach you all the latest strategies for personal branding and becoming an influencer & thought leader using social media. Austin Iuliano and Emelina Spinelli explore new tactics and strategies daily, and teach you the tested methods that work!


Topics you can expect to find on d.science:

  • Personal Branding  • Social Media Marketing  • Becoming an Influencer
  • Instagram • Snapchat • PR • Online Marketing • Productivity
  • Personal & Professional Development


You’ll gain expert-level social media, online marketing and branding insights. All this, from two entrepreneurs with some killer real world experience.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have multi-passionate social media marketers and entrepreneurs in your back pocket!? Business owners pay thousands of dollars every month just to get exposure to industry experts. Are we gonna charge you thousands to sign up to our coaching program? Nope! We’re giving you insider access for free. You just have to sign up to get access to all your free resources.

These insights give you an edge over your competition, confidence to run your marketing efforts with ease, and action-based tips and tricks to implement weekly. Plus, we are known to give out loads of free mini courses and marketing resources.


Get the Real OG — Free Marketing Resources

(that people tell us we should charge for)

The real-deal, insider access to free ebooks, workbooks and videos by signing up to our email list. No joke. I think we send you 8 different marketing and branding resources to crush your online empire when you sign up.

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Crushing growth hacking new followings & influence from scratch without a large audience anywhere else—is our norm. It’s not just about being popular though… We also profit from building our audiences and providing real-world value in a market that’s oversaturated with “me too” offers.

Simply, we LOVE people. We can’t help being people, people! Deep relationships sit close to our heart, making people smile, and making life a little easier by not making you hack so much at your online marketing. Running your own business, or at least having a killer side hustle gives you more freedom, financial freedom and options.


We’re here to help you access your inner marketing-genius.

From running a digital marketing and branding agency, to freelancing, consulting and working with well-known startups, Influencers and Fortune 100 corporations—we’ve seen and done it all in our space.


We’ve Been Featured in Top Publications World-Wide

dscience has been featured on entrepreneur, huffington post, social media today and business insider


We Worked with Top Brands & Influencers in

Los Angeles and New York



We Tend to Run into Influencers & Celebrities like GaryVee, Marie Forleo, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, Grant Cardone, and Casey Neistat

We meet them, ask questions and give you the inside scoop on what it takes to be successful.



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Our Mission:

d.science is on a mission to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and to boldly go where no man has gone before explore new ways of doing business. To give young entrepreneurs (and those young at heart!) the marketing knowledge, business and personal growth resources to create innovative products and services that make life fun and serve humanity.

Our Vision:

The d.science vision is to help & inspire 100,000+ entrepreneurs by 2025 to have location, financial and time freedom, by creating products and services that serve humanity. Regardless of where they come from, who they know, or how smart they are.

You can find all our values and everything important to us here – in our manifesto!

Join d.science on the adventure won’t you?

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