8 ways to become a snapchat master


8 Ways to Become a Snapchat Master


#1 Master the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is how we communicate ideas, entertain others, and sell our ideas. Storytelling is an art not a science. It takes practice and dedication to learn exactly how to communicate your ideas organically to your audience.


If you want to learn how to master the art of storytelling, go take a couple of creative writing classes, some improv classes, and maybe even watch a few super bowl commercials.


#2 Focus on Building a Strong Online Community

Your online community consists of the friends who will support you. They are the people who will become your brand evangelists and rally behind your cause. They are also the people who will eventually buy your product or service.


The way you build a strong online community is by taking the time out of your day to actually care about your audience.


Spend the time to get to know them, to build relationships with them. This could be through one on one conversations in the Snapchat Messaging system. Snapchat phone calls (yes you can actually call people in Snapchat now), or by watching what type of content they engage with the most.


#3 Be Consistent in Your Content

Consistency is the key to success in any social media, and especially on Snapchat. In 24 hours all the hard work you put into creating an epic Snapchat story is gone. That means every 24 hours you need to create new and engaging content.


Keeping your Snapchat feed full can seem overwhelming at time. It’s totally manageable though with the right strategy and a content calendar.


#4 Exercise Your Creative Muscle

Creativity is essential in Snapchat. The attention of your audience is fickle at best. You can only retain attention by mastering the art of creativity. Creativity can best be described by Snapchat of the year nominee Harris Markwoitz (as said when I interviewed him); “Creativity is simply asking ‘what if’ and not being afraid of failing.”


From my own personal experience, as we push our creative muscle in a Snapchat story, we learn how to make it better in seconds.

Simple things like, “hold the shot for 1 second more” or less, etc. Maybe it’s just changing a camera angle to getting the exact look that you’re seeking. You kind of “learn on the job.” Just get in, get your hands dirty and start experimenting— you’re bound to discover something awesome for your story.


#5 Learn from the Best

Take the time to watch some of the best Snapchatters out there. They are the ones who are the experts, pushing the creative boundaries. If you consume their content, you will start to create content like them.


Here are the 5 people who inspire me every single day: Harris Markowitz, Mplatco, Shondurus, Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus, AaronFPS.


These are just a few. There are so many excellent Snapchatters out there. Name your favorite in the comments below! (P.S. you are allowed to say austiniuliano! Hehe!)


#6 Don’t be Afraid of Failing

Seriously I cannot stress this enough. So many people are afraid that their content isn’t going to be “good enough.” They think that they don’t have anything interesting to say, or that they are not a good storyteller. They think “If I am not any good, then I shouldn’t create more noise.”


I am here to tell you from someone who wasn’t creative initially to take the time and practice. Learn from the best, and always push your creative muscle. When you let go of the fear of failing, you open yourself up to creating amazing new works of art that inspire others.


#7 Do the grunt work

Most people are unwilling to do what it takes to be successful. Just watch this snapchat story:


The grunt work means taking the time to thank each and every one of the people who watch your story. (I thank about 100+ new people a day)


Welcome all your new followers with a personalized message. (I welcome at least 50+ new followers a day, depending on how many shout outs I received from fellow accounts).


Watch other people’s stories and engage with them. If you expect people to watch your content and consume your content and you are not doing the same, you probably have the wrong mindset when it comes to community building.


Building a community involves showing your fans that you care—and on a regular basis. That takes some hustle and grunt work. It’s well worth it though!


#8 Invest in the Knowledge to Accelerate the Process

If there’s something you want to do or be, and you know that it’s going to take some learning— model under others. Invest in yourself and the knowledge to accelerate your learning process.


These platforms move fast and change even faster and Snapchat is no different.


If you want to get ahead, and you don’t know what you’re doing yet in Snapchat, then invest in learning. I recommend the Snapchat Mastery e-course!


Snapchat Mastery is by far my favorite Snapchat “hack.” It’s 3.5 hours of solid video tutorials on Snapchat and over 4 hours of interviews an industry content with Influencers.

snapchat mastery by austin iuliano

You get to access tutorials to walk you through the Snapchat interface, all the secrets and hacks, how to build a snapchat community, how to tell engaging stories that will win you opportunities with your audience and build a killer Snapchat strategy.


You’ll discover a TON of tips, and even the 6 secret hacks that I use on a regular basis to film hands-free, use filters that no-one knows about and create EPIC stories that keep my audience coming back for more everyday.


The art of storytelling has earned me the attention of hundreds, and thousands of users, and dozens of opportunities that just walk through the door as a result of building my influence on Snapchat.


The thing is, this isn’t just here for me. You can get opportunities and influence too! You can grow your brand, gain influence, and make tons of connections with amazing people. You can grow an incredibly engaging Snapchat community and following.


This might just be the very thing you were looking for 😉 Learn more about Snapchat Mastery, here.

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