71 unbelievably easy tips to crush productivity this year


Everyone (that I know at least) wants to be more productive. We say things like “I wish there were more hours in the day” or “I wish I could just get more accomplished.”


I know at least I wish I could get at least double the results that I’m getting now. And I will for sure, it’s just a matter of time.


On a week to week basis (sometimes even day to day) I double my workload. Last week I was able to edit, make images, write and schedule out 6 blog articles within a couple days. That’s great. I’m happy with the results.


Now, it’s not just about being happy with the results. The more I push myself for greater excellence, and higher quality and demand both from myself—the more I receive it.


I want to push myself. I want to make myself uncomfortable. I’m looking for that delicate balance where I feel like it could be too much work to do, or it could be just enough pressure to increase my productivity and results.


Sometimes I fail, and that’s more than okay. You’re pretty much going to trip up occasionally when you’re producing greater excellence on a regular basis.


This week I almost doubled my goals. In the same amount of time (and yes, I totally clock myself) I am challenging myself to complete 9-12 blog articles. I’ve already finished 3, so I’m on my way.


You might think I’m nuts, or if you’re a real blogging pro—perhaps you think this is nothing! No matter the reason, the point is to constantly demand better results from yourself, and live up to it.


The only limits that are placed on you—are the ones you place on yourself. 


By constantly increasing my goals and timing myself, I achieve MORE, consistently.


Part of the progress is due to week-by-week goal setting and evaluation.
We even have a 30+ page goal setting workbook that you can grab, here. It will set you up fully for your quarterly goals and encourages you to track your goals and check in weekly.


There are tons of methods to increase your productivity.


There are brain hacks, bio hacks, removing distractions, creating positive triggers to get you into “state” (highly-productive emotional states) etc.


I’m going to cover a list format of dozens of ways you can re-energize your productivity this year and get more out of your time, and yourself.


After all, we’re not all in business just to work 18+ hours/day 😉


We probably all got into business to actually have more free time, travel more, invest time with friends, family and more.


Get to Know Yourself. 


Know what works and doesn’t for productivity. If you need a steady, constant environment then make sure you have this. If you need white noise and movement, then head to a coffee shop.


Everyone is unique and different and requires adjustments to be more productive.
Just pick a couple of these things to implement this week. Don’t try and do them all at once.
Here are some tips to crush productivity this year.


How to be productive —71 ways to crush it this year. 

#1 Set Goals for the week, the month and the quarter
#2 Evaluate your goals and results weekly
#3 Have accountability partners to keep you on track
#4 Create a “to-do” list the night before
#5 Prioritize your list
#6 Only do what MUST BE DONE today (don’t worry about tomorrow’s tasks)
#7 Create a specific list of exact tasks within the priorities (get specific!)
#8 Address what happens if the tasks don’t get done (this will motivate you)
#9 Create a “work routine” ie. coffee, music, sitting at your desk…
#10 Make a playlist that you work to (scientifically music makes you more productive)
#11 Take breaks! Every 90 minutes take a 10-minute breather
#12 Every 15 minutes staring at your computer, look 15′ away for your eyes to adjust & relax
#13 Turn off the wifi on your computer (if you don’t need the internet)
#14 Close out of any distracting websites (Facebook, social, email, etc…)
#15 Only check your email 2X/day at 11am and 4pm
#16 Turn off all app notifications on your phone
#17 Place your phone on silent or on airplane mode
#18 Listen to motivational videos or audios while you work (or on your breaks)
#19 Create a reward for yourself if you get your work done on time (get that new iPhone, go shopping, get another latte, you get the point…)
#20 Keep snacks and treats nearby so you don’t break concentration if you’re hungry
#21 Prep your breakfast and lunch ahead so your brain can focus on your tasks
#22 Meditate before you begin working and focus on what you need to do
#23 Meditate after your work is done to decompress quickly to change gears
#24 Go for a walk outside in a park or just to get some air on your break
#25 Look at green colors, or photos of nature and trees while you’re working (this one is scientifically proven to relax your mind and make you more productive)
#26 Have a notebook by your side—when you get unrelated great ideas, write them down and revisit them later
#27 Feed yourself with inspiration when you’re running low on ideas (motivational videos, visit inspirational sites, etc)
#28 Drink water throughout the day (lots of it!)
#29 Take occasional deep breaths. Breathe in from your nose and out from your mouth to get the oxygen you need
#30 Eat low-sugar foods (prevent the sugar spikes, they don’t help your productivity)
#31 Keep yourself warm or cool depending on the climate (you want to remove distractions, so if you think it’s going to be chilly bring extra layers)
#32 Keep your shoulders back and neck straight while you work (no slumping!)
#33 Stretch every hour or so—roll your neck, stretch your arms, stand up and walk around
#34 Have comfortable footwear (if you have to rock heels, keep flats under your desk or nearby)
#35 Schedule breaks and set an alarm on your phone to make sure you take them!
#36 Focus on only one task at a time
#37 If you can focus only on one type of task for the day (writing, designing, client meetings, etc) your brain is more productive when it doesn’t have to change tasks often
#38 Focus on progress, not perfection. Keep things moving
#39 Say “No” to things that are not on your list
#40 Disregard anything that’s not on your list that other people try to put on your list (if you can) especially when they say it’s “urgent” or needs to be done “asap”
#41 Make caffeine readily available if you need it
#42 Create a focused theme for the day to inspire you
#43 Change your environment midway through the day to spark new ideas
$44 Clean your desk space and your work environment (make sure there’s no clutter!)
#45 Complete your most important tasks FIRST
#46 Get the appropriate amount of sleep the night before (and every night!)
#47 Exercise regularly, take walks, go to the gym or hit the beach to surf
#48 When new tasks come onto your plate that need to get done, make a list in a notebook or in a text doc on your computer
#49 Add in scheduled time to handle reactive work or re-prioritized tasks
#50 Do your most creative work first thing during the day
#51 Communicate clearly and effectively. If it could be misunderstood, redefine and be even more clear
#52 If you’re on a team, ask the members what they need to be successful to get everything for the team done on time and effectively
#53 Break down big tasks into smaller chunks and goals to accomplish
#54 Know what success looks like for you at the end of the day and work towards the results and deliverables
#55 End every day on a high-note to keep you positive. Have a clear end to the day
#56 If you’re getting frustrated or something isn’t flowing, take a break and move on
#57 Let ideas marinate
#59 Don’t answer the phone—let it go to voicemail
#60 Stop procrastinating—just get it done already!
#61 Consume positive content (motivational speakers, podcasts, audiobooks…)
#62 Create successful daily habits that place your brain on autopilot
#63 Plan what you’re going to wear the day before
#64 Outsource work to a virtual assistant
#65 Stop attending meetings (they’re usually very unproductive)
#66 Keep all emails under 5 sentences long
#67 Ask people not to interrupt you when you’re in a groove (ask ahead of time)
#68 Uber to work so you can work in the car (do your social media outreach etc)
#69 Celebrate your successes! Dance around when you finish something awesome or text your bestie to get the support
#70 When you’ve completed your list, stop there, and don’t add anything else.
#71 Celebrate your day! Finish the day by rewarding yourself and doing something you enjoy 😉


Download your free 30+ page goal setting workbook here to boost your productivity this year.


Do you think I should add anything else to the list? Let us know in the comments!