6 beliefs of a successful entrepreneur

In my audiobook The Inner Entrepreneur Boot camp: How to winner the Inner Game of Success, I spend a good deal of time talking about beliefs. This is because your beliefs are the operating system to your reality. If you believe something is going to become true then you will make that truth happen.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

After stumbling and fumbling for years as a businessman and a salesman, I finally found the missing piece of the equation. I needed to change my beliefs to create my desired results.

Here are 6 of the beliefs that have helped me become a successful entrepreneur.

I think “I am an amazing entrepreneur.”.

Success starts first from the inside.

To be a true winner first, you must feel like you’re a winner already. This is the prosperity mindset at work. Constantly telling myself and others how great of an entrepreneur I was. This really helped me to subconsciously see myself as a successful entrepreneur that led into me becoming one. I couldn’t rightly say I was great and be terrible. Therefore, I became great.

Believing in yourself is key. I repeat 20x a day “I am an amazing entrepreneur because every day and in every way I am getting better and better.”

Everyone is valuable.

Be it the CEO, receptionist, doorman, or anyone in between—everyone is valuable. When I stopped focusing solely on the CEO and started “collecting people” more sales and opportunities happen. The CEO noticed how nice I was to the receptionist and made positive judgments on my company.

Collecting people is simply becoming invaluable to as many individuals as possible. simply put, it’s about making as many friends as possible.

A NO is just as good as a YES.

Amateur business people think a prospect saying anything but a “NO” is a great answer. A “maybe” is so much worse than a “no.” “Maybes” are the bane of top sales professionals and business people.

Top sales people don’t get yeses all day long. This is far from true, Top sales people get yeses and no’s. Top sales people hate maybe phrases like “I will call you later,” or “Let me think about it.”

Indecision is the opposite of progress. Generally, if they’ve said “let me think about it,” they’ve already made a decision—and it’s a no. Give them the out, and save your time and theirs.

Getting the “no” is a great way to move onto the next call.

What I do add value to other people’s lives.

When selling a good or service you have to believe you are bringing value to people. In fact, you really have to believe in your product or service. You are helping your clients make more money, save valuable resources, adding security to their lives and much more. Selling is the ultimate value-generating activity for you and your clients. If you don’t sell, your client doesn’t gain the value of your solution.

Taking this a step farther and really making sure that you’re adding value to someone’s life. Ask them, go above and beyond become a go-giver.

I can only control my actions.

You cannot control if a client says yes or no. What you can control are your actions and your thoughts.

  • Did you make your calls?
  • Did you get your appointments?
  • Did you follow up with your prospects?
  • Did you believe and feel like a winner today?

If you control your actions then success is inevitable. You have the winning formula for success inside of you already. Your beliefs create thoughts, thoughts create words, words create action, and action creates results.

This is the basic formula I teach every entrepreneur in my audiobook. Throughout life’s up’s and down’s there is one core principle we must learn. That principle is “If I am the cause than I can be the solution.” Looking at every situation as you being the cause makes you the solution. You can’t control all of life’s events, but you can control how you show up and deal with them.

An employee doesn’t land that big business deal, you are the cause and responsibility. Set aside your ego regardless of the situation, and figure out how to rectify the situation. Saying “what can I do better next time” separates the winners from the losers.

I set my own goals and follow through.

You might run the company, or you might not. It doesn’t matter. You are a successful entrepreneur that sets your own goals. You see a problem and you overcome it without anyone else telling you what to do or how to do it. This gives you confidence and increases self-worth.

Top entrepreneurs have this belief because they are winners. Winners take the bull by the horns, and winners execute on their goals.What does it take to follow through? Focus, Focus, Focus.

A few tools I use to stay focus that I talk about in my audiobook are:

  • A Vision board
  • Positive affirmations
  • A belief wheel
  • Focus days
  • Creating different “states” in your body to achieve goals.

These are 6 beliefs of a successful salesperson. Did I miss any beliefs you think are important to add? If so leave them in the comments.

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