We all want to be more productive in the day, and that makes sense. Every one of us has about 100 distractions a day. Personally getting an extra  30 minutes of uninterrupted focus can have dramatic effects in my productivity level.

That is why every morning I go through this routine.

I recommend checking out the replay because I give a bonus tip that I wasn’t planning on exclusively to my followers.

  1. Start every day working on your “rocks” these are the big important tasks that will move your life and business forward. Don’t get caught up doing meaningless work
  2. Spend the morning doing your creative work. Your pre-frontal cortex is most active right when you wake up. It is the part of your brain associated with creativity. Why not use this to your advantage and swim downstream. Also you have the highest level of willpower right in the morning
  3. Only check your email once a day. I recommend 11 am or 3 pm.
  4. The bonus tip is from Seth Godin. Go check him out by the way.http://sethgodin.typepad.com/

After engaging on one of my favorite social media’s I put my head down and started focusing on the work that needed to get done. One of the key things to productivity is knowing when to take a break. Our brains are muscles too and they need a bit of rest at time. So I went to the park and while I was there I was inspired to talk about changing your money manifestations.

I give a resource out in the replay but if you don’t want to watch it go tobit.ly/belief-wheel it’s free.

Today has been a focus day but I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks. What are your rocks for the day?