5 creative ways to build your snapchat audience


5  Creative ways to Build your Snapchat Audience

Snapchat is hot right now. Hot like… Ouch! Get your hand off the stove, kinda hot! There is just so much attention and interest on this platform.


“If you work in marketing, social media, or PR and you are not on Snapchat you are stupid and need to quit your job.”  – @Taylor.nikolai


Chances are if you are reading this though, you already know why Snapchat is important. So here are 5 creative ways to build your Snapchat audience.


Share your Snapcode Everywhere.

Yea, I know we have heard this one before. I’m including this tip for anyone new to Snapchat. If you’re new, know that your “snapcode” is a unique QR code. When it’s scanned in the Snapchat app, people can find you and add you (follow you). If you have never done this, open Snapchat and scan the code below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.42.50 PM


This is the number one way to grow your Snapchat audience.

The more places your snapcode is the better. That means share your snapcode on social media, create stickers and slap them around where your audience is. Heck, you can even make a T-Shirt and walk around wearing it.




Do Snapchat Takeovers.

A Snapchat “takeover” is where you switch accounts with another snapchat user with an equal size audience. The benefit is that you get the opportunity to show people what you do, and they get an easy way to add you if they like you. You can create a very and build a following rapidly by doing Snapchat takeovers.


My friend @ChrisStrub is in the midst of a 50 accounts in 50 days. It’s pretty much a marathon. Truthfully I don’t know what account he is on anymore.


By putting in the work, his follower count and story views have absolutely exploded.


Focus on Building a Community.

Getting people to watch your stories is cool. Creating a community that shares and engages with each other is 10,000 times better. The original Snapchat superstars like @Taylor.Nikoali, @Mplacto, @CyrenQ, @Shonduras, and many more became friends from a website called the11thsecond.com.


From there they shared and engaged with each other. Thankfully, nowadays it is easier to find an amazing community.


For instance, every Thursday I do a #throwbackthursday where people lip sync sing 70s,80s, and 90s songs. That has exploded in popularity and people enjoy being exposed to each other. I share their snapcodes, and they consequently receive exposure.


Become the conduit your community uses to come together. This will help your community grow, and by proxy your account to grow.


Collaborate with other Snapchat Users.

Unlike a Snapchat takeover (where you literally control someone’s account for the day) a collaboration is where you reach out and create something with another user. There are millions of ways to collaborate, it is really up to you to decide.


Collaboration is key to digital disruption. You break through the noise of Snapchat and build an epic following by having people come together to create an amazing piece of content.


Create Content Outside of Snapchat Driving Traffic to your Snapchat.

It might seem weird but you have to syphon off your audience from other platforms to build your Snapchat following.


This doesn’t mean just sharing your snapcode, or tweeting out your handle. This means writing blog posts and sharing your QR code. Create a podcast, or be a guest on podcasts and drop your username.


Channel the traffic from your other accounts— Vine, Youtube, and Instagram over to your Snapchat account.


For instance, I created a Blab and podcast called Snapchat Mastery with Blake Croft (@Blakec432). This has been a great way to build my audience because people join to learn how to master Snapchat.

Other Snapchatters created a Twitter chat, called #chatsnap Wednesdays at 2pm EST / 11am PST. This has been a great way for people to find and connect with other Snapchat users.

An easy way to do this is to take your Snapchat content and repurpose it for Vine, Instagram, or other mediums.


No matter what way you decide to grow your Snapchat following, make sure you connect with me. I would love to be a part of your audience.


For more creative tips to grow your Snapchat community check out my new ecourse, Snapchat Mastery.

Did I miss anything? Share your top tip in the comments.