4 killer tools to get discovered on snapchat


4 killer tools to get discovered on Snapchat

The reason you love Snapchat, is the same reason most people hate it. Getting discovered on Snapchat is a pain in the arse!


This makes it incredibly difficult for brands to grow on Snapchat and requires a lot more commitment of resources. Don’t worry though, there are some amazing apps being released to the market to help you get discovered. Here are 4 killer apps to get discovered on Snapchat



If you don’t know about Ghostcodes by now, you either just got on to Snapchat or you’re living under a rock. It was originally conceived and created by two major Snapchat influencers Hunter Harrison. This tool is by far one of the best ways to find awesome Snapchatters to follow and engage with.


Go into the program, search for the type of content you like. Let’s say “Star Wars,” and follow everyone there and talk about Star Wars.  You can easily find 800 friends who happen to be force sensitive.


You can download the Boo-R codes of each user and add them via the “add by Snapcode” function in Snapchat.


Pro Tip: Limit your new users to 5-10 a day. This way you can watch users, decide if you like the content and engage. Don’t “gameify” it and try and add 1,000 people at once. It won’t get you more followers, it won’t get you more views. Engagement is the key to winning in Snapchat.


Twitter Search

Twitter search is one of the most powerful tool in the world. Real time access to current conversations. It is an amazing tool to prospect for people who are actively thinking, talking, and speaking about a subject. Don’t believe me? Go into Twitter and search for “write for us” and see how many guest blogging opportunities are available.


There is an excellent guide on how to use Twitter search function from my friend @aaronlee. I use various IFTTT recipes and Twitter list to curate people talking about Snapchat. This way I can personally engage with them and build authentic relationships. The side benefit is that I build a nice following on Twitter and Snapchat.


H.A.R.O or Help a Reporter Out is a free service delivered right to your inbox. You’ll receive reports in every industry from reporters that need help with various sources. They submit requests and you, as an expert in your field can fill out a quick little blip to help them out.


This get’s you awesome PR coverage in a major news outlets, backlinks to your website, and credibility. What does any of this have to do with getting more Snapchat followers?


Pssst…. I have a little secret for you.


Reporters LOVE interesting spins on topics. It makes the content they create better. If you can spin your pitch and introduce what you are doing on Snapchat, then your Snapchat account can get mentioned in major publications with high traffic.


Pro Tip: HARO also happens to be a great tool to generate traffic to your blog too. If you’re smart and link your Snapchat account somehow on your blog, it makes it easy for new users to add you. Take a look at how I did it on Snapchatmastery.com

Targeted Facebook Groups

This one is interesting because to be frank, Facebook hates Snapchat. Ok, they didn’t come right out and say it but the evidence is there.


I have heard rumors that we can’t promote our Snapcodes on Facebook. That being said I have found Facebook to be a kick butt tool for building my Snapchat following. There are a number of ways to use Facebook to build your Snapchat following.


  • Create a Facebook Page and share your Snapchat content on it. If it’s really good it can go viral.
  • Join some of the amazing Facebook Groups around Snapchat.
  • Use Facebook Messenger to have conversations. I know what you are about to say, why would I use Facebook Messenger to get people over to Snapchat Messenger!? It might sound crazy but people actually enjoy using Snapchat over Facebook Messenger. Now, I am not saying everyone but there are unique nuances to Snapchat that Facebook doesn’t have.
  • Turn your profile picture into a Snapcode: This might be a little shady if Facebook doesn’t allow you to promote your Snapcode but as of right now, it is working.


I am sure there are many more ways to use Facebook as a mechanism to drive new Snapchat users to your account. The key to success with any of these killer tools to get discovered on Snapchat is thinking a bit creatively. That and of course, your content has to be good enough to get people’s attention.


If you’re new to Snapchat and you’re looking to get all the low-down on this tricky platform… Snapchat Mastery will take you step by step through everything Snapchat.

And, you can sign up here, for your free 9-day Snapchat training!


What other tools have you found to get discovered on Snapchat? Leave it in the comments with your best tips.