Brand Personality Examples: How to add a little sizzle to your business

Is your business a robot? Hell NO!

Your brand has some personality and it needs to be showcased.

In day 6 of the branding challenge video Emelina Spinelli of will show you some examples of where your brand can add some personality.

People connect with people.  More accurately people connect with other people just like them.  If you love to snowboard, rock-climb, do yoga, meditate, watch movies, make pop culture jokes. Than you would love other people who snowboard, rock-climb, do yoga, meditate, watch movies, and make pop culture jokes.

The challenge for you today is to put a little personality in your brand.  This can be in a video, website, social medias, or marketing copy.  If you need a brand personality example check out Zappos customer service email.

Zappos personality is awesome

Yea Zappos… You guys rocked the house on this one!

Maybe your corporate job would never allow you to handle an email like this.  Fair enough, but all the small businesses can have a lot more fun.  Why not right, that is why we got into business.

First though you gotta identify the type of personality your brand has.  If you have some trouble with this, here is one of the exercises from our branding course.

If your brand was a person at a party or mixer, what would they wear?  Who would they talk too? What would they talk about? How would they act? Be specific.

Here is another hint… don’t say your brand is “Professional, the best, or expert.” Let me translate what those brand personalities mean to your audience…..BORING and SNOOZEVILL

One of the easiest ways to add some personality is to use common phrases you use every day. I love using pop culture references, I am a huge geek and proud of it.

What are some common phrases you use in your every day speech, leave a comment.

P.S if you missed any of the previous videos you can check them out on our vlog