Nurturing leads and how to show you are an expert

Branding Challenge Day 5: How to Show You’re an Expert & Nurture Relationships

Lets assume for the minute you actually are very good at what you do for a living… I know it isn’t a big stretch.

Ok let us also assume your competition is really good at what they do for a living too.

They wouldn’t be your competition if they were not.

They key to beating your competition is to build a stronger relationship and show you are an expert.  One of the best and fastest ways to do this is start by creating videos.

Videos are awesome because they allow your potential customers to see you, hear you, and connect with you on a deeper level.  Added bonus, they aren’t difficult to make.

As you create these videos send emails to your list that you have been building. Emails and videos make an awesome combination to nurturing relationships. They allow you the perfect platform to tell a story.  That story just so happens to showcase your business and your products.

Your challenge today is to create a video of yourself telling a story of your last client or customer. Than share it in the comments.

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