How to Turn Traffic into Website Leads

Have you ever had a day where you hustle for 18 hours, get a ton of prospects but no bites?

Lots of hits to your website but no leads or sales…

Maybe that is because you don’t know how to turn website traffic into leads.

The right mindset

Famous entrepreneur and speaker Jay Abraham uses a system I have adopted. It is called the law of pre-eminence, simply stating. What you do is become a person who helps your audience achieve their goals before you ask for money to be exchanged.  This creates trust between you and your audience.

If people are coming to your website, they are hoping you can solve a problem.  So instead of trying to charge them right away. Help them achieve their goals.  Educate them, give them all the tools and resources they need to be successful.  Give, Give, Give, Give, Give.

Ethical bribe

A simple tool to help give to your traffic is called an “ethical bribe”.  It is something you can give away in exchange for a name and email address.  The best is of high value to your audience. To give you a couple of examples.

A restaurant can give away a free romantic dinner for two. A CPA firm can give a free tax audit. A coach or consultant can give away free training. Like our Brand Strategy training video and workbook.

If you need help with figuring out an ethical bribe, leave a comment and I will be happy to assist. If you already have a great giveaway, leave it in the comments with who it is for. 🙂

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