Know What Your Selling vs. What People Are Buying

Branding Challenge Day 2

If I could only give you one tip on how to market yourself, or how to market your a product it would be this.  Know the difference between what you sell vs what people buy.  They are seriously different things.

Have you ever stopped and thought what people are buying from you?  This isn’t a joke, what you are selling is completely different than what people actually buy. The easiest way to explain this is to give you some examples.

Have you ever heard of the company called Uber? Uber sells rides around NYC and other major cities, like a taxi.  The difference is they will come pick you up. What people buy is time. Instead of having to flag down a taxi which can take minutes, they call an Uber to come pick them up.

Nike sells shoes and athletic equipment.  People buy the hope for better athletic performance.

What is the difference between what you sell and what people buy? sells education and information on how to start and grow your brand.  The same thing as many other people do.  What people buy is the idea that they can create the location or finical freedom they desire. I say idea because some people will not put in the work necessary.

For more information on this idea check out the book by David Brier one of the smartest men I know when it comes to building a brand.

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