How To Set A Better Goal

Goal setting is statistically very important when it comes to achieving success. Research shows that writing down your goal you are 80% more likely to achieve it.  That being said I wanted to share with you a couple of goal setting activities I use.

The First Goal Setting Activity

Most people who fail to achieve their goals do so because they don’t feel as if they are making progress. This is because we set huge expectations on ourselves right away.  The easiest way I have found to beat this is to set small daily goals.  Today I am going to accomplish these three things. X, Y, and Z.

By setting these small goals you achieve progress one day at a time.  Actor Will Smith once said, to build a wall it isn’t about being perfect the first time. It is about laying each brick as perfectly as possible one brick at a time.

This to me is the perfect analogy.  You are not going to have a successful business or brand on the first day.  It is about doing the very best you can, every day, until you are successful.  Never half ass, never give up.

The Second Goal Setting Activity

Have a giant goal that can not be achieved on your own.  In business this is could be called a Vision Statement, or a BHAG. One of my biggest influencers in business is Gary Vaynerchuk and he calls it a north star.

This giant goal keeps your eye on the prize.  It also allows you to bring all the workings in the universe into your favor.  This is using the law of attraction in your favor.

Every day as you set your small daily goals, visualize what the end result is going to be. I am doing these three things today that will bring me one step closer to achieving my big goal of…

Thanks for reading, leave your big goal in the comments below.  The more you talk about it, the faster you will achieve it!

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