3 sensational natural energy drinks to boost your creative energy


3 Sensational Natural Energy Drinks that will Boost Your Creative Energy

Do you have to be creative on demand? If you’re a creative (in any capacity) you often do! Whether it’s graphic design, copywriting, building websites, illustration, or directing marketing campaigns—being creative on demand is a must.

It’s actually pretty much a requirement.


We all know creatives live and survive on… caffeine! lol.


Through my many years being my creative self, and demanding MORE from my own work… I’ve developed some kick-ass beverage solutions and what I like to call “miracle liquid fuel” to keep my hustle on fleek.


#1 Matcha (Powdered Green Tea)

Yep, you heard me. The powdered green tea. Have you heard of it? It’s making its way through the US and trending in the metro areas. Okay, you’re only going to like matcha if you LOVE green tea. Keep this in mind. It tastes a little like sweet grass (which I LOVE, but that’s up to you).


The caffeine in matcha is slowly released into your body over the course of three hours. Unlike coffee (where you get a fast boost in 15 minutes), matcha gives you a relaxed energy. This is ironic sounding, I know. But when you drink matcha you certainly receive energy—it’s just not as fast of a burst or as intense as coffee.

It’s just like having a clear head all day. I think that’s pretty terrific. But, try it for yourself and see what you think of it!


One cup of matcha also has the benefit of the equivalent antioxidants as 10 cups of traditional green tea, and a chemical compound called “theanine.” Essentially, this compound quickly assimilates into the blood stream, goes to your brain and triggers your brain to produce “alpha waves.” These are the most relaxed brain waves, and conducive to a healthy lifestyle, anti-stress, etc. You can read all about this on the internet, I liked this article, here.

Now, the quality and flavor change drastically based on the company you source from, and the quality level of the tea.


There are 3 grades of matcha: ceremonial, latte, and kitchen.

Ceremonial Grade: The highest quality grade of matcha. I believe it’s the first pick of the season. It tastes light and slightly sweet. This quality of matcha is meant to drink alone (without milk or anything), and deserves it with the awesome taste!


Latte Grade: This is the next tier of matcha. It’s meant to be mixed with milk, and is most popular in “matcha lattes.” It tastes more bitter and “green” if you drink it alone, so I recommend you take it with some coconut or almond milk.


Kitchen Grade: This is the lowest quality matcha, that is meant for baking. This would be a very bitter matcha on its own, so I recommend you only use this for baking, etc.


Where to get your Matcha:

I wouldn’t peruse the grocery stores for this. It’s a specialty item, and can be quite pricey at around $30 per ounce. Make sure you’re getting the real thing.


These guys are a team in Miami, Florida and they’re taking over the matcha world. They’re customer service and attention is out of this world. I’ve really enjoyed ordering from them! (Can you tell, I’m a little biased, lol!)

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#2 Bulleproof Coffee

This is pretty much a “west-coast thing” but it’s making its way around to the east coasters too. Bulleproof coffee is a concoction invented by Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Executive.


This is the infamous “butter coffee.” Yep. Butter… in your coffee. Sounds gross but it’s actually not bad. I actually substitute coconut cream for butter, but Austin loves doing the butter in his coffee.


Now, you may wonder why so many people are now putting butter in their coffee!?

Well, the premise is this… Coffee is great for productivity. Most people of the US runs on it to actually to just get through their day. We all know that coffee is great fuel for creatives, and crushing through projects.


The thing is… it’s great for like 2 hours or so. Then there’s a huge coffee crash as it leaves your system and you’re robbed of energy for the rest of the day. This leads you to getting another cup of coffee just to maintain your speed of project execution to meet the same end—essentially putting your adrenal glands through a roller coaster, and overworking them.


So why the butter!?

Ah, well you see butter, has loads of fat in it (obviously!). The grass-fed, organic butter is a clean, healthy fat that you can use as brain fuel. Our brains actually work better and more clearly off of fat molecules than glucose.


Add butter, and MCT oil to your coffee for two reasons.

No. 1: To prevent any sort of coffee crash

The fat will give your brain and body the fuel it needs to burn clean and allow you to think clearly. It also will bring you down off your “coffee high” slowly, so there is no “crash.” You know, the one where you feel like shit, but you were crushing it like 20 minutes ago.


You don’t have to add MCT oil, but I highly recommend it. I’ve been using MCT oil for about 6-8 months

I’ve been using MCT oil for about 6-8 months now and had a subtle but noticeable difference in my brain power. It’s easier to think clearly, and I almost never experience mental or creative blocks. It’s also probably helpful to note that I am on a ketogenic diet, so I don’t eat sugar, carbs or starch that come from anything except leafy greens. I mention this, because it has propelled my energy levels out of the roof, and my high-energy is now sustainable (which I love!)


No. 2: MCT oil is a great source of highly concentrated, healthy fats that your brain uses for fuel

MCT oil is essentially super concentrated coconut oil, and contains loads of medium chain triglycerides. These are the healthy fats that your brain needs for fuel, and the traditional American diet is often missing them.


It’s said that MCTs improve blood sugar regulation and improve your metabolism. They do all this while enhancing ketone production. Your brain produces “ketones” when it’s burning fat for fuel. And ketones yield 30% more energy that glucose derived energy.

Chew on that for a few minutes.


How to make Bulleproof coffee:

  • Brew a cup of coffee.
  • Add 1-4 Tbsp of organic, grass-fed butter (unsalted). Kerrygold is best.
  • Add 1T of MCT oil (concentrated coconut oil brain fuel)
  • Add stevia or xylitol if you like sweetener
  • Toss everything in a blender, and then drink up!


#3 Powdered MCT Oil in Tea (even Matcha!)

If you read my bit above about Bulletproof coffee, then you’ll begin to see why I recommend adding fat to your caffeine intake for additional productivity.


I found another method to be creative on demand while I’m working at coffee shops in NY and LA, and when I’m on the go.


I take a scoop or two of powdered MCT oil with me, and add it to earl gray, green tea, or matcha. This particular brand (and one of the only one’s I’ve found!) is pretty taste-less but has almost a subtle vanilla smell. It’s made of pure MCT oil, in powdered form. Terrific.


I add a scoop to my tea with some stevia and it tastes just like a tea-latte. Delish! Of course, you could do the same thing with your coffee or anything else for that matter.


Very often, I’ll shake up a matcha in a glass bottle with a scoop of the powdered MCT oil and take it on the go for sustained, (relaxed) and effortless energy.


This is the brand of MCT powder I use.

And I haven’t tried Pruvit yet, but I’ve heard great things about their therapeutic-grade powdered ketones.

You can check them out here.


So, what do you think!? Willing to try these epic energy drinks!?? Think I’m crazy!???

Let me know in the comments!

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