23 free social media tools

Generic Tools to Grow and Monitor Your Social Media

#1 Google Alerts

Monitor trending news and have it delivered strait to your email inbox, than curate that content onto all your social media platforms.  This is a great way to help you grow your audience! http://www.google.com/alerts.

#2 Google Analytics

This may not be exclusively as social media tool but it is fundamental to your success, with the recent updates to add in social media monitoring!  This program does so much for tracking that it is a must for any website. http://www.google.com/analytics/

#3 Picmonkey.com

Picmonkey is great for making, editing pictures and laying text over images. http://www.picmonkey.com/

A quick tip, motivational quotes are great for all the social medias, so use picmonkey design some quotes and let them fly!

#4 Infogr.am

Create and find all kinds of infographics to visually display information on your social media accounts.  If you want to understand the power of infographics check outwww.quicksprout.com case study of Kissametrics. http://infogr.am/

#5 Klout or Kred

They both work for monitoring how well your doing with social media engagement. Each platform gives you a rating based on how well you are engaging with your audience. The higher the number, the better.  http://klout.com/home   http://kred.com/

#6 Hootsuite

Manage all your social media accounts with this popular platform—even includes analytics.http://www.hootsuite.com

#7 Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is specifically for managing Twitter, scheduling posts, managing conversations and watching trends. https://about.twitter.com/products/tweetdeck

#8 Bufferapp

Buffer is great for bulk scheduling posts, tweets, etc.  This tool syncs up with all the major social medias, and is amazing at saving time! http://www.bufferapp.com

#9 Hashtagify.me

This is used to monitor various hashtags and trends. http://www.hastagify.me  Hashtags have become key on all social media platforms, not just twitter.  So use this tool liberally and grow your audience!

Social Media Tools for Twitter

#10 Twellow.com

This is the Twitter Yellow Pages!  Sign up, post yourself, and find others to engage with.http://www.twellow.com

#11 Commun.it

Monitor Twitter engagement: shows who you should follow, and who are your top engaged followers. http://commun.it

#12 Tweepi.com

Flush the inactive users who won’t follow you back. http://tweepi.com

#13 Social Mention

This is an amazing tool for monitoring who is talking about you across the internet.http://www.socialmention.com

#14 Fakers.statuspeople.com

Check how many fake accounts are following you on Twitter. http://fakers.statuspeople.com

#15 Unfollowers.me

Follow and unfollow users easily for Twitter. http://unfollowers.me

#16 Followerwonk

This is a great tool to analyze your Twitter users.  This program puts all the relevant data into a couple of very nice graphs. http://followerwonk.com

Social Media Tools for Facebook

#17 Facebook Insights

Facebook insights gives you specific analytics for all your Facebook needs.  Use this program to analyze your Facebook Engagement and marketing efforts, and it’s even in your Facebook-page-dashboard! https://www.facebook.com/insights/

#18 Woobox.com

Woobox is your source for creating your free Facebook tabs.  Tabs allow you to make custom squeeze pages and offers for your followers. You may need to know some coding…  http://woobox.com

#19 Power Editor

This editor is the advanced advertising tool for Facebook.  A must to effectively advertise of Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor/

Social Media Tools for Google+ 

#20 CircleCount

Monitors your posts and engagement. This shows who engages with your posts, who is following you, where they come from, and most importantly when is the best time to post!http://circlecount.com

#21 Circlescope

This is amazing for managing your circles.  You can bulk add remove and change circles.  Perfect for removing inactive circle users. http://circlescope.com

#22 Steadydemand

Steadydemand is a free audit tool of your marketing efforts on Google +.  Paid version of steady demand lets you have a full analytics report! http://steadydemand.com

Social Media Tools for Pinterest

#23 Ninja Pinner

This program is only available on the windows operating system.  This is a tool that has many functions but only one worth using.  Use Ninja Pinner to follow boards similar the your boards.  This saves a ton of time and isn’t too spammy since you will be doing this to generate a better feed for your business. http://ninjapinner.com

If you are like me than managing all social media platforms can be a bit of a daunting task.  That is why I have compiled 23 free social media tools and resources to help you grow your brand! As a millennial entrepreneur start up capital, and time is very limited, and time even more so.