11 Top IFTTT Recipes to Massively Increase Productivity


11 Top IFTTT Recipes to Massively Increase Productivity

IFTTT is a dream come true for increasing productivity. IFTTT stands for”If This Then That.” It creates automatic programs to run when certain actions are taken. For instance, if you create a WordPress post (blog article), you can then automatically send it to social bookmarking sites.


Here are 11 Top IFTTT recipes to massively increase productivity. These are my personal favorite recipes, what are yours?


#1 Share WordPress Posts on Facebook

You spend hours crafting that perfect blog post and hit publish. “AHHH all done” you think. But that is only part of it, promoting your content is 800x more important. Facebook is the number 1 social media platform with over 1 billion users. Forgetting to share your latest blog post to Facebook isn’t good, you could potentially be missing out on thousands of new visitors.


The Recipe:


#2 Share WordPress Posts on Tumblr

Tumblr isn’t the top social media platform but it may be the most forgotten one to share your posts. Granted if you haven’t spent much time building an audience on this platform the value you will receive is small. That being said, there is always a chance for your latest piece of content to go viral.


The Recipe:


#3 Share WordPress Posts on Twitter

Sharing your latest post on Twitter can be a phenomenal way to get an initial boost of traffic. Twitter is a great platform that you can push out the same content over and over again. You won’t kill your social strategy by sharing a tweet 2x or even 200x.


The Recipe:

#4 Add a New a Public Bookmark in Delicious for New WordPress Posts

Delicious is a social bookmarking site very similar to StumbleUpon. Delicious has over 2 million active users and a Google pagerank of 8. If enough people share your posts, great things in the world of SEO will happen for you.


The Recipe:


#5 WordPress Post Publishes to Linkedin Post

Oh, Linkedin how I love and hate thee. I love thee when I am looking to build my professional network. I hate thee because your website is terrible in all other regards. The advertising platform grossly underperforms, the home feed is cluttered and there is so much potential that is untapped. But never the less sharing content on Linkedin is still important, just not important enough that I can’t outsource it to IFTTT.


The Recipe:

#6 WordPress to Diigo

Diiago is the newest social bookmarking site I have found. It is very similar to Delicious and as such it warrants a recipe to fire every time you make a new post.


The Recipe:


#7 Youtube to WordPress

If you are creating tons of Youtube videos, posting those videos on your WordPress site is an excellent idea. This recipe can easily solve a piece of your content production and distribution.


The Recipe:


#8 WordPress to Medium Drafts

Medium is an amazing place to syndicate your blog article too. It can drive a ton of traffic and a bunch of SEO backlinks. To make Medium work the most for you, you can’t straight publish to Medium. What you need to do is format the article to fit Medium’s unique culture.


The Recipe:


#9 Instagram Photos Post as Native Twitter Photos

Whenever you post an Instagram photo and push it out to your Twitter audience as link, you lose out on tons of engagement. If you take the time to post that same photo as a photo in Twitter, BOOM! Tons more engagement, this IFTTT recipe is great to save energy and increase productivity.


The Recipe:

#10 Share Periscopes on Facebook

Periscope is a live streaming platform that is like having a TV broadcast station in your pocket. Generating more viewers is always better and therefore pushing your broadcast out to Facebook makes sense.


The Recipe:



#11 Create a List of People Engaged in a Hashtag on Twitter

Knowing people who consistently engage in a particular hashtag is a great way to build an audience. Using Twitter’s advanced search you can find ways to engage in meaningful conversation and eventual sales. Let Twitter and IFTTT do all the heavy lifting for you.


The Recipe:


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What is your favorite IFTTT recipe that will massively increase productivity? Let us know in the comments!